China is making 1,000-UAV drone swarms now

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According to an executive at Ehang UAVs, which provided the swarm, each drone cost $1,500, which is pretty darn cheap considering their capabilities. Take, for instance, the datalink and software used. It lets more than 1,000 flying robots coordinate autonomously and synchronize movements, with a flight deviancy of a mere 2 centimeters horizontally and 1 centimeter vertically. If something goes wrong and a drone can't reach its programmed position, it automatically lands.

Drone Swarm Attacked Russian Airbase


Swarm technology has lots of applications. Not the least of which is military. In Syria, a Russian airbase was attacked by a coordinated swarm attack. Swarms will revolutionize many areas and add tremendous value but we also need to prepare for the worst. Read the news story here.

Artificial Intelligence Correctly Predicts Winners Of Kentucky Derby


Researchers tout the potentials of artificial intelligence as a game changer in a range of industries but AI appears to have application in the world of gambling as well. You may not have thought about using artificial intelligence for your Kentucky Derby bets but those who did have turned their 20 to 11,000. The artificial intelligence called UNO, which has earlier predicted the winners of the Super Bowl and the Oscars, appears to have conquered the holy grail of gambling with its successful prediction of the winners in the last weekend's Kentucky Derby. The odds for predicting the top four horses in the right order is 540 to one but this was made possible with UNO's swarm intelligence, which aims to amplify instead of replace human intelligence. The idea is that large groups are better at predicting the outcome of an event compared with any one person.

U.S. Navy's Drone Boat Swarm Practices Harbor Defense

IEEE Spectrum Robotics

Drone boats belonging to the U.S. Navy have begun learning to work together like a swarm with a shared hive mind. Two years ago, they would have individually reacted to possible threats by all swarming over like a chaotic group of kids learning to play soccer for the first time. Now the drone boats have showed that they can cooperate intelligently as a team to defend a harbor area against intruders. The U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) held its latest robot swarm demonstration in the lower Chesapeake Bay off the Virginia coast for about a month. Four drone boats showed off their improved control and navigation software by patrolling an area of 4 nautical miles by 4 nautical miles.

Mammoth Lakes area hit by swarm of hundreds of tiny earthquakes

Los Angeles Times

Hundreds of tiny earthquakes have hit the Mammoth Lakes area in California's Eastern Sierra in recent days, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Most of the quakes were less than magnitude 1.0 -- and it's likely that none were felt by residents. There were several dozen quakes in just the last 24 hours, the strongest being 2.3 magnitude. Earthquake swarms are not uncommon in the region. Countless small faults crisscross an area known as the Long Valley Caldera, a roughly 20-mile-wide crater-like depression adjacent to Mammoth Mountain that was formed from ash and pumice deposits during a volcanic "super eruption" about 760,000 years ago.