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People hate competent robots, says study


Is that robot even trying hard? I don't know what to think about robots anymore. Last weekend, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested that we should be excited about their coming. They should make us happier. It's just the system, she said, that needs a lot of work.

Man Competent for Trial in Ex-Girlfriend's Gruesome Killing

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A Clark County judge ruled Thursday that 37-year-old Joseph Oberhansley is competent after prosecutors and the Jeffersonville man's attorneys filed an agreement saying a competency hearing scheduled for Friday wasn't needed.

Judge: Defendant competent to stand trial in church shooting

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But the exact reasons and any testimony and facts backing Gergel's findings are not known. Defense lawyers have not said what led them to question Roof's competency and the judge sealed his findings for the same reason he took the rare step of only allowing Roof, his lawyers, prosecutors, court officials and witnesses in the hearing -- Roof made statements to a psychologist that might not be legal to use at his trial and could taint potential jurors.

Judge Finds Convicted Tax Dodger Competent for Sentencing

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The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 70-year-old Winston Shrout is scheduled to be sentenced next month after he was found guilty last year of 13 counts of issuing fake financial documents to banks and six counts of willful failure to file tax returns.