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These 25 companies will pay you the highest salaries, according to Glassdoor


Glassdoor put together a list of the 25 companies that pay the highest salaries in the United States, and the results aren't that surprising. Most of the high-rolling employers are in tech, plus a few consulting firms. Other fields that offer some of the highest-paying jobs, especially healthcare, don't make the cut because their employers don't pay the rest of their staffs that much money. The top companies are ranked by the median total compensation they provide, which includes bonuses. Glassdoor relied on members of its own site who reported their salaries to compile the list.

Mothers who are disgruntled with their romantic partner spend more time talking to their infant sons

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Mothers who are disgruntled with their male partners spend more time talking to their infant sons than other parents do, psychologists have revealed. This behaviour may be a form of compensation, with the women focusing more on their sons to make up for their dissatisfaction with their partners. The effect only applied to sons -- with researchers finding that the daughters of unhappy relationships did not similarly receive more attention from their mothers. In contrast, no similar effect was seen among the fathers, who spend less time overall speaking with their children than the women in the study. Psychologist Elian Fink and colleagues from the University of Cambridge studied both the behaviour of 93 first-time, heterosexual parents and the extent to which they interacted verbally with their seven-month-old infant children. Salary Stream – Software Engineer Offers


This employee has been at the company for 7 years and has seen the stock grow dramatically resulting in outsized RSU compensation. Although the compensation is currently high, once old RSU's grants lapse, compensation for this employee will drop significantly assuming the stock doesn't keep growing at its meteoric pace.

Would you pay your ex a 'break-up fee'?

BBC News

Earlier this month, police in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou responded to a call after bar staff reported finding a suspicious suitcase. It contained two million yuan in cash ($314,204; £233,323) - an extraordinary amount of money, maybe even life-changing. They managed to track down the owner, who according to the local police, had arranged to meet with his ex-girlfriend in the bar. It was a "break-up fee" a new trend in Chinese dating. Everyone knows that dating can be expensive; forking out a bit of cash to buy drinks or meals in the early stages of a relationship, or buying gifts and holidays later on.

NBN partners with Cisco for business solutions and compensation


The National Broadband Network (NBN) company has announced that it will be partnering with Cisco to launch a series of business-focused bundles, a marketing campaign, and a rebate program to "incentivise" businesses to transition to the NBN. The announcement, made on Tuesday at Cisco Live 2019 in Melbourne, is not just about moving businesses onto a new service with faster speeds; it's about helping small businesses digitise, according to Cisco ANZ VP Ken Boal. The two will partner to provide connectivity, security, collaboration, and productivity solutions for business customers, Boal said. Over next 90 days, "more air cover" for marketing from both NBN and Cisco will be given to raise awareness with small businesses; Cisco will launch business offerings alongside NBN's existing business offerings; and Cisco will offer an IT managed service provider (MSP) program launching in April. "We're building an IT MSP provider program so that you can be adequately compensated and incentivised to go after this," Boal said.