Man beats Amazon Echo at number game

Daily Mail

This is the moment somebody defied the odds and outsmarted an Amazon Echo at its own game. Footage shows a man challenging the voice service device - which responds to the name Alexa. He says: 'Alexa - let's play guess my number.' The voice-activated machine responds and asks her opponent to define the terms of play. 'Welcome to guess my number,' it says.

Amazon forced to pull its $30 'connected wall clock' after users complain it refuses to connect

Daily Mail

Amazon has been forced to pull its'connected wall clock' after users found it would not connect to their wifi. The $30 smart device can be used to set timers, with LED lights that tick down as time runs out and flashes when the timer expires. Released just a month ago, a slew of customer complaints led to Amazon pulling the click from its site - although the page for it shows as'currently unavailable'. The $30 smart device can be used to set timers, with LED lights that tick down as time runs out and flashes when the timer expires. An Amazon spokesperson said, 'We're aware that a small number of customers have had issues with connectivity.

Smart speakers like Alexa and Google are 'SEXIST'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Smart home devices understand men better than women, according to a new YouGov survey. It found 67 per cent of female owners say that their device fails to respond to a voice command at least'sometimes', compared to 54 per cent of male owners. It also revealed men are ruder to their devices but experience fewer problems being understood. Men are more likely to take an brusque tone with theirs than women yet women have more problems with getting a response to their commands. The smart devices seem to respond less well to women than men, based on the survey results.

Turn any Windows PC or laptop into a smart speaker with Alexa app

Daily Mail

Computers can be transformed into smart speakers with a mere app. Both laptops and PCs operating on Windows 10 can be now enhanced with AI assistant, Alexa, from this week. It comes after the voice-activated product was made available on the Microsoft store for users in the UK, US and Germany. It works through a devices microphone and speakers, instantly making Alexa portable for use both inside and outside the home. Some Windows PCs will already be compatible with the program's'wake word' functionality, meaning people can use it hands-free by simply saying its name - much like separate speakers.

You can send texts via Alexa but only on Android phones

Daily Mail

So much for needing your phone to send text messages. Thanks to a new software update, you can now use Alexa to deliver SMS text messages to any phone. There are some caveats, however. It only works for Alexa users in the US with an Android device that also have the Alexa app installed on their phone. You also can't use the feature to text 911 or participate in group text messages.