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Apple Car could be windowless, patent suggests

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Apple's long-awaited Apple Car could have virtual displays on the inside instead of clear windows, according to a new patent. The tech giant has filed a patent for a virtual reality (VR) vehicle system that matches up'virtual views' with the physical motion of a car as it's travelling. For example, if the car was careering down a hill, the system could project a virtual image of a rollercoaster ride. Chairs in the car would move about to match the visuals, the patent suggests, much like an immersive '4DX' cinema experience. But it would mean passing views of the real world – such as a beautiful medieval cathedral or stunning coastal hills – would be entirely replaced with virtual graphics.

Elon Musk Hands Over First 'Made In Germany' Teslas

International Business Times

Tesla CEO Elon Musk danced for joy at the inauguration of his "gigafactory" electric car plant near Berlin on Tuesday, shrugging off two years of bureaucracy and delays to watch customers drive off with the first Model Y vehicles made in Europe. "Danke Deutschland!" (Thank you, Germany) Musk tweeted after the red ribbon ceremony, where he joined workers in applauding the first 30 drivers to get behind the wheel of their new cars. The US billionaire even broke into a little dance during the handovers, reviving memories of the slightly awkward jig he did at a launch event in Shanghai in 2020 that lit up the internet. The factory opening caps an arduous two-year approval and construction process that saw Tesla run into a series of administrative and legal hurdles, including complaints from locals about the site's environmental impact. Elon Musk tweet "Danke Deutschland!" (Thank you, Germany) after inaugurating Tesla's first production site in Europe Photo: dpa-Zentralbild POOL via AFP / Patrick Pleul Having started construction at its own risk, Tesla finally won the formal go-ahead from regional authorities to begin production earlier this month.

Apple working on the 'holy grail' option for its car project: No human intervention by 2025

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Apple, which is rapidly losing ground in the electric vehicle industry to Tesla, GM, Ford and other automakers, is looking to have the'holy grail' option for its autonomous car by 2025: no human intervention at all. The lack of human intervention, which is being pushed by the project's new boss, Kevin Lynch (who previously led the company's Apple Watch software efforts) would be something that no automaker has yet to achieve, according to Bloomberg, which first reported the news. Tesla, for all the publicity surrounding the Elon Musk-led company, has come under fire from consumers and lawmakers over its autopilot system and how it works. In August, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a formal investigation into the system over 11 accidents - one deadly - feared to have been caused because the system has trouble spotting parked emergency vehicles. Apple wants the'holy grail' option for its oft-rumored autonomous car by 2025: no human intervention Apple's car could have no steering wheel or pedals and passengers could sit on the side, like a limousine or a bus Other automakers, such as GM and its Cruise unit, Ford and newly public Rivian, do not yet offer completely autonomous capabilities.

Apple Car concept has a 360-degree pod that swivels around

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An engineer has created concept images of what the upcoming Apple Car could look like when it is finally released. Artistic renderings have been created by Devanga Borah, a mechanical engineer at Tezpur University in India, of an autonomous and fully electric vehicle. Like something out of a dystopian sci-fi film, the renderings depict a bizarre white car consisting of a spherical pod that swivels around 360-degrees on four wheels. The pod has a circular entrance that flings open like a couple of saloon doors to reveal'a cocoon-like cockpit' with two seats. Reminiscent of Apple's eMac computer from 2002, the vehicle is painted in glossy white and features the Apple logo between the front and back sets of wheels.

Can Elon Musk's robotaxi plan help Tesla owners make $30,000 a year?

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about Tesla's Autonomy Investor Day where robotaxis were discussed. Are robot taxi's really on the horizon? Tesla's aggressive (perhaps unrealistic) goal to launch a robotaxi network in 2020 was revealed by CEO Elon Musk on Monday as the company discussed plans toward a self-driving future. Under Musk's strategy, the electric car maker will enable owners to add their autonomous driving-capable vehicles to a Tesla ride-sharing app, which he described as a combination of Uber and Airbnb. "From our standpoint, if you fast forward a year – maybe a year and three months, but next year for sure – we'll have over a million robotaxis on the road," Musk told an audience on Monday.