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Elon Musk To Hand Over First 'Made In Germany' Teslas

International Business Times

US electric car pioneer Tesla will on Tuesday inaugurate its new "gigafactory" near Berlin, with CEO Elon Musk flying in to present customers with the first Model Y vehicles made in Europe. "Excited to hand over the first production cars made by Giga Berlin-Brandenburg tomorrow!" The opening caps an arduous two-year approval and construction process that saw Tesla run into a series of administrative and legal hurdles, including complaints from locals about the site's environmental impact. Having started construction at its own risk, Tesla finally won the formal go-ahead from regional authorities to begin production earlier this month. The "gigafactory" in Gruenheide, in Germany's eastern state of Brandenburg, is Tesla's first production site in Europe, and local officials are hoping it will help the region position itself as a hub for electric vehicle production.



We knew Tesla's battery-producing Gigafactory was enormous. New aerial images posted to Instagram by Eva Kaplann show the sprawling Gigafactory in all it's glory, surrounded by the desert in Sparks, Nevada. Though much of the work done in the factory is ultimately completed by robots, Tesla said as many as 6,500 people could work in the Gigafactory by the end of 2019. And with the first production Model 3 officially complete, we're guessing things are going to get busy there very soon.

Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory could be completed by May


Tesla's Shanghai-based Gigafactory could be completed as soon as May and its production line operational by the end of the year, according to Reuters. The news service reports that a Shanghai city government official made the comments "on the sidelines" of an annual parliamentary meeting in Beijing this week, although no further details were given. The agreement between Tesla and Shanghai has been in the works since June 2017, with the EV-maker acquiring the 860,000 square-meter plot of land for the factory in October last year. As Reuters notes, a full-fledged auto assembly factory can take up to two years to build, so a May completion date would be surprising. However, the Shanghai government has thrown its weight behind the project, which would support China's plans to open up its car market.

Peek At Tesla's Gigafactory Progress

Popular Science

Previous attempts to peer inside Tesla's 5 billion Gigafactory 1 outside of Reno, Nevada have... not gone well. But lucky for us law-abiders, we can now get a glimpse of the factory where Tesla will produce its home batteries, known as the Powerwall. Bloomberg took some beautiful photos of the facility. Once the factory is running at full capacity, Tesla aims for Gigafactory 1 to lower the cost of production for its batteries by at least 30 percent. And as the company prepares to ramp up production on the new Model 3, its becoming all the more important.

Tesla delivers the first vehicles from its German Gigafactory


Tesla has delivered the first 30 Model Y cars manufactured at its $5.5 billion Grenheide, Germany Gigafactory that officially opened today, Reuters has reported. "Excited to hand over the first production cars made by Giga Berlin-Brandenburg tomorrow!" The event, delayed from last year due to environmental and other complaints, is being attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz. "Some people didn't trust Germany could do this," regional finance minister Joerg Steinbach told RBB radio yesterday. Excited to hand over the first production cars made by Giga Berlin-Brandenburg tomorrow!