Spotify: 11 useful features you may not know about

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Adding "year:1978-1984" to your search, for instance, will exclude songs and albums from any other period of time. You can also widen or focus your search by adding "and, "or" or "not" to it. For instance, "Kyuss AND Green" will bring up results with the keywords "Kyuss" and "Green"; "Zeppelin OR Floyd" will bring up results with the keywords "Zeppelin" or "Floyd"; and "Metallica NOT Anger" will display all Metallica tracks except ones with the word "Anger". You can combine search terms too, like this: "genre:pop AND year:1999".

Can YOU pass this intelligence test by Go Tumble

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Think your maths is up to scratch? You might want to peruse the below test and think again. A bizarre intelligence test, which involves adding up a sequence of numbers, is sweeping the internet - and leaving users dumbfounded in the process. The test, created by Go Tumble and shared on Wikr, asks users to'think outside the box' by working out two different but correct answers to a series of equations. Makers write: 'Firstly, think outside the box!

Apple lets you create your own personalized Animoji


Animoji were a surprisingly fun part of the iPhone X experience, and Apple just stepped things up significantly with the announcement of Memoji. As you might expect, this lets users create their own Animoji characters based on your own look. It's a pretty huge addition that users will likely have a blast with. Additionally, Apple is adding "tongue detection" -- as you might expect, this means that certain Animoji can stick out their tongues just as you do. Creating your own Memoji is pretty simple and offers granular adjustments to things like hair length; you can of course add accessories like sunglasses, earrings and so forth.

A history of branch prediction from 1500000 BC to 1995


Hardware is quite different from this in that there are forces that push back against complexity. Every chunk of hardware you implement costs money, so you want to implement as little hardware as possible.

Google announces new security features, partnerships for Chrome Enterprise


Google on Thursday is announcing new security features and partnerships for Chrome Enterprise that, Google says, will help ensure Chrome Enterprise is "the most secure endpoint solution for businesses in the cloud." Google released Chrome Enterprise in August 2017 to ultimately serve as an endpoint for Google Cloud's suite of products. And as Google points out in Thursday's blog post, endpoint security is increasingly important for the enterprise. With that in mind, Chrome Enterprise was launched with VMware AirWatch as an enterprise mobility management (EMM) partner. Google on Thursday is adding four more EMM partners from which customers can choose: Cisco Meraki, IBM MaaS360, Citrix XenMobile and ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus (a division of Zoho Corp).