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Zoom to open research and development offices in Pittsburgh, Phoenix


Zoom announced Thursday that it plans to open new research and development offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both cities are known for housing premier engineering programs -- Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Arizona State University in Phoenix. Zoom plans to recruit software engineers from both universities and said the offices will be located near the campuses. The two centers will add to Zoom's existing R&D efforts and support engineering leadership based in San Jose, the company said. "Both Phoenix and Pittsburgh have incredibly well-educated, skilled, and diverse talent pools that are well-positioned to help support Zoom's ongoing growth and continued success," said Zoom CEO Eric Yuan.

AI - Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Ltd


Ai Research is a leading artificial intelligence research project. Our research institute is the ultimate'digital day care,' the ideal place to raise our child machine from infancy to adulthood, teaching him to interpret and respond to ordinary conversation....Read More

Hitachi to spend ¥1.2 trillion on research and development over three years

The Japan Times

Major electronics and machinery-maker Hitachi Ltd. said Tuesday it will spend ¥1.2 trillion on research and development activities over the three years to fiscal 2021, up about 20 percent from the level in fiscal 2016-2018. The company plans to use up to ¥2.5 trillion for growth investment in fiscal 2019-2021, including business acquisitions, up from ¥500 billion in the previous three years. "We'll invest intensively in the information technology field to globalize our operations," Hitachi President Toshiaki Higashihara said at a meeting with investors held in Tokyo, explaining its new three-year business program. He also said Hitachi will promote structural reforms at business divisions with low operating margins, including auto parts, medical equipment and home appliances.

These Countries Are the Top Spenders on Research and Development

U.S. News

Investment in R&D is highly influenced by a country's economic power, as well as the importance that the nation places on research. The United States still leads the global ranking in R&D spending, with an amount equivalent to 2.84 percent of its gross domestic product forecast to go into this sector this year, according to the forecast. The U.S. will increase its spending in R&D from 538 billion in 2017 to $553 billion this year, an increase of nearly 3 percent.

Secure Development Tools and Techniques Need More Research That Will Increase Their Impact and Effectiveness in Practice

Communications of the ACM

Writing code that is secure, and provides security without vulnerabilities, is a critical challenge to cybersecurity. Writing code without vulnerabilities has long been at least as difficult as writing code without bugs. While there are many other potential sources of security exposures in software, developing code without known classes of vulnerabilities has always seemed like a tractable goal. It relies on human developers using tools, techniques, and processes to produce software that does not have particular known types of defects. One of the most effective approaches--research into programming languages and tools--has yielded technologies that are shown to resist categories of vulnerabilities, largely by not allowing for them.