Less oxygen in a warmer ocean


Climate warming should decrease the concentration of dissolved oxygen (O2) in the surface ocean, for a variety of reasons. This trend, predicted on theoretical grounds and by ocean models, has been difficult to detect within the much greater range of natural variability, though. Ito et al. analyzed existing measurements of O2 in the ocean collected from 1958 to 2015, and they report that a widespread negative O2 trend has begun to emerge. Further work will be needed to understand which mechanisms are responsible for the global and regional trends, however.

Rancho Dos Vistas: Where valley and ocean views meet

Los Angeles Times

Rancho Dos Vistas, or two views, looks out on both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Valley. Encompassing 1,440 acres of oak-studded mountain range, the ranch is what you'd call a spread. The Santa Barbara County property includes a remodeled home and guesthouse; more than 40 miles of roads and tree-canopied trails, as well as springs, wells and a pond. The 1,440-acre ranch is on a mountain ridge and takes in Santa Ynez Valley and Pacific Ocean views. The 1,440-acre ranch is on a mountain ridge and takes in Santa Ynez Valley and Pacific Ocean views.

World Oceans Day 2016 Quotes: 13 Inspirational Sayings To Share And Celebrate The Seas

International Business Times

Wednesday is World Oceans Day, a holiday designated by the United Nations for appreciating and protecting the Earth's seas. The observance started in 1992 but became official in 2008, and this year's theme is "healthy oceans, healthy planet." The world is 71 percent water, with four named oceans: the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific. Some people recognize a fifth, the Southern Ocean, which is by Antarctica. More than 228,000 species live in the oceans, but experts think there could be up to 2 million science hasn't discovered yet, according to Reuters.

Volvo Ocean Race puts emphasis back on fierce Southern Ocean

U.S. News

The 2017-18 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race will be the longest in the round-the-world sailing event's history at close to 44,000 nautical miles, and will feature a sharp increase in the distance sailed in the fierce conditions of the Southern Ocean, organizers announced Wednesday.

The new 'Ocean's 8' trailer is here and it's everything we dreamed


What happens when you put eight scene-stealers in a room together? Well, in the case of Ocean's 8, they pull off the heist of the century at the star-studded Met Gala. Sandra Bullock leads the cast as Debbie Ocean, sister of Danny Ocean (George Clooney's character from Ocean's 11 through 13), with Cate Blanchett as her right-hand woman. The rest of the gang includes Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, and – last but certainly not least – Rihanna. Frankly, that cast alone is enough to get us to the theater.