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As a Google Cloud Training Partner we provide the necessary skills to develop and operate infrastructures and applications in the Google Cloud. With a seamless integration into the Qwiklabs platform, Fast Lane brings you hundreds of Google Cloud Hands-on Labs into our digital platform that include temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn the cloud using the real thing.

Google Cloud Next '17 data, analytics and machine learning session video now online Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Blog Google Cloud Platform


Thanks to the more than 10,000 customers, developers, operators, learners, partners and influencers who attended Google Cloud Next '17 last week (and the others who invested their time in the Next Extended program or otherwise watched the livestreamed keynotes). The conference was a milestone in the growth of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem, with attendees and Googlers spending almost as much time intermingling in conference open spaces as they did in keynotes, codelabs and sessions. Non-attendees didn't get that "face time," but they can get a taste of the Google Next experience nonetheless via the links to data analytics/ML-related content below, along with some common-sense next steps. Furthermore, if you're interested in Google's announcements at the conference -- including Google Cloud Video Intelligence API, Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service, Google Cloud Dataprep and the fact that the Kaggle data scientist community is joining Google -- you can see a full list here. You can also explore all session videos about data analytics and machine learning.

Census Achieves Premier Partner Status with Snowflake


Census, the leading reverse ETL platform that syncs customer data from data warehouses to key business tools, announced that it has expanded its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and achieved Premier Partner status. As a Premier Partner, Census will continue collaborating closely with Snowflake to develop new solutions that help joint customers extract more value from data stored in the cloud. Unlike legacy data platforms or point-to-point solutions prone to error, Census's reverse ETL provides users with a single source of truth that is always current, complete, and consistent. In a matter of hours, data and operations teams can set up Census workflows that integrate seamlessly with Snowflake's platform to deliver actionable data with immediate revenue impact. "We are thrilled to add Census to Snowflake's roster of Premier Partners," said Tarik Dwiek, Senior Director of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

Machine Learning with Google Cloud


Google's artificial intelligence projects have created a lot of headlines in recent months. From their DeepMind project beating champions of Alpha Go at their own game, to recent announcements Magneta and Springboard, not to mention driverless cars, its clear that AI and Machine Learning are central to Google's strategy across its vast portfolio. This week the company also announced the opening of a new Machine Learning R&D Centre in Europe. In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt played down the fears that surround advancements in AI: 'To be clear, we're not talking about consciousness, we're not talking about souls, we're not talking about independent creativity." However, being acutely aware of the concerns around intelligent technology, the company's AI research division Google Brain recently published an AI Precision Safety whitepaper.

Google shares the agenda for its 2022 Games Developer Summit


Google on Tuesday shared the agenda for the upcoming Google for Games Developer Summit 2022. The free digital event kicks off on March 15 and will feature announcements related to Stadia, Google Ads, AdMob, Android, Google Play, Firebase and Google Cloud. The summit begins with a keynote address at 9 am PT on March 15, during which Google will share information about new tools designed to help developers build games and reach audiences around the world. The summit also features more than 20 sessions spanning topics like "Games on foldable devices," "Building an in-game currency platform with Spanner and Cloud Run," and "Playtesting made easy on Stadia." The sessions will be available to watch on-demand starting at 10:15 am.