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iLive wireless earbuds with portable speaker case review: A great concept that falls short


People love AirPods, but not everyone can afford them. As such, recent years have brought about the rise of cheaper alternatives in the wireless earbuds space, some of which have to work to stand out amongst the big-name competition. The concept behind iLive's buds is simple and enticing: They're wireless buds not unlike AirPods, but when you put them in the charging case, that case turns into a portable Bluetooth speaker. Even more appealing is their $70 price point, a bonafide steal compared to rival offerings from Apple and Google. Plus, they work without an app or any other software, which keeps things refreshingly simple.

iLive Bluetooth Tailgate Party speaker (model ISB380B) review: Cheap, light, and fun


The iLive Tailgate Party speaker (model number ISB380B) looks heavy, but is startlingly light. In fact, looking so much heavier than it is, I almost launched it the first time I picked it up. Knowing that heavy magnets generally mean better sound, it was a bit of an uh-oh moment. Learning it goes for a street price of just 50 bucks didn't do much to dispel that notion. While the sound is strictly mediocre (it's no Mackie Freeplay Live), it's workable for casual occasions and because of the look, it's fun.

Apple Is Finally Fixing That 'Skin-Smoothing Selfie' Problem With the New iPhones

TIME - Tech

Apple is reportedly fixing a problem with the front-facing cameras on its new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models that inadvertently smoothed people's skin in selfies. The change comes after some iPhone users complained that photos taken on Apple's new iPhones seemed to automatically filter out wrinkles and blemishes, in what some have labeled "Beautygate." While some people use apps to smoothen their skin in their selfies, others prefer a more authentic, natural look. Some iPhone users have been asking Apple to fix the problem, or at least offer an option to turn the smoothing on or off. Did you upgrade to the new iPhone XS?



After the US government declared all self-balancing scooters unsafe, eight more hoverboard brands are being recalled. The latest fire, caused by the LayZ Board, destroyed one home and damaged four others last month, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It follows a fatal house fire at the hands of the same brand of hoverboard in March. Today we're issuing a LayZ Board hoverboard warning and 7 hoverboard recalls. Along with the LayZ Board, the CPSC is also recalling products by the following brands: Dollar Mania Sonic Smart Wheels, Tech Drift, Digital Products iLive, iHoverspeed, Four Star Imports Go Wheels, Drone Nerds, and Salvage World.