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Man attacks robot and humanity will probably pay for it one day


After so many years of peaceful co-existence with our robot friends, why attack one and thus bring inevitable doom to all humans? We may never know the answer to that, as a man who assaulted a security robot in Mountain View, California, at a parking lot of a company called Knightscope, was apparently quite drunk. According to Cnet, which spoke to the local police and Knightscope (which, incidentally makes security robots), 41-year-old Jason Sylvain knocked over the giant-egg-shaped K5 security robot last Thursday, after which Knightscope personnel called the police and detained him until they arrived. The police soon came and determined that Sylvain "appeared confused" and was likely drunk. The immediate aftermath of the incident was innocuous: The robot only suffered a few scratches, and is back on patrol, while Sylvain, besides being reported for prowling, is charged for public drunkenness.

Man vs. Machine: Robot Calls Police After Being Attacked By Drunk Man

International Business Times

A drunk man reportedly ran into an armless K5 robot in the Knightscope parking lot in Mountain View, California and met his match. The April incident occurred after 41-year-old Jason Sylvain tipped over the 300-pound robot. Unfortunately, when the roving security robot found itself off-balance, the K5 called the police and signaled for help. The company spokesman Stacy Dean Stephens said that members of the robot company Knightscope -- which developed the robot that appears similar to the iconic Star Wars Droid R2D2 -- came out and detained Sylvain as the police came. Robo-Cops Are Now A Reality! Silicon Valley Gets KnightScope K5 Patrolling Robot…

Drunk Man Arrested For Tackling Parking Lot Security Robot

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Jason Sylvain, 41, attacked the crime-fighting K5 droid in the parking lot of robot manufacturer Knightscope the evening of April 19, Mountain View Police Department spokeswoman Katie Nelson told HuffPost. She said an employee for Knightscope detained Sylvain before officers got to the scene.

Man arrested after knocking over a 300-pound security robot


Sure, the K5 isn't the cutest robot making its first steps into human society, but that doesn't mean drunks get to knock it over. One of the five-foot droids took a tumble last week in Mountain View, when a drunk man took umbrage to its whistlin', patrolling ways. It's not the first robot to suffer: Softbank's -- more adorable -- Pepper has felt the cruelty of mankind while working in a phone store, while Hitchbot lasted just two weeks when it tried to cross America. It suffered a vandal attack in Philadelphia that cut its journey short. Police say Jason Sylvain knocked down the Knightscope droid while it was patrolling the parking lot, last week.

Drunken man 'attacks armless security robot in California'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

If the machines are truly going to take over the Earth, they have a ways to go. That's what cops in the Mountain View area of Silicon Valley learned on April 19 when they arrested an apparently drunk man for kicking over a limbless security robot. Jason Sylvain, 41, stands accused of being a robocidal maniac after assaulting the conical droid as it patrolled a parking lot, according to NBC Bay Area. Robo cop: The robots are five feet tall, weigh 300lbs, and can recognize known shoplifters and photograph car license plates. Sylvain jumped the K5-model robot outside the offices of its manufacturers, Knightscope, near the corner of Terra Bella and Linda Vista Avenue, police said.