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Target brings new Heyday tech style accessories

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

It goes on sale June 9th at stores The line offers 150 eye-catching, on-trend tech accessories (think colorful hues, luxe accents and elevated monochromatic designs) that won't break the bank (most items are $20 or less)orcompromise quality.

Hubble study helps explain the heyday of galaxy formation


The Hubble Space Telescope still isn't done giving up secrets of the early universe. Researchers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have discovered that a patch of 10 billion-year-old galaxies in Hubble's Ultra Deep Field view holds gas that helps explain the "Golden Age" of galaxy and star formation. This first completely "blind" (that is, not expecting anything) 3D millimeter wavelength search of the old universe turned up galaxies with an abundance of carbon monoxide, a hint that they were rich in the molecular gas key to creating stars. Combined with Hubble's visible and infrared light data, the ALMA search forms a much more complete picture of galaxy formation. Astronomers could even create a 3D map of the universe's star-forming potential, transitioning from a young period (where those gas-laden galaxies were common) to today.

Heyday of Bristol's tram network remembered by collector

BBC News

Peter Davey has spent a lifetime celebrating and remembering Bristol's former tram network.

'Pokemon Go' remains popular despite passing heyday of launch

The Japan Times

PORTLAND, MAINE – Few games have enjoyed both the meteoric rise -- and subsequent fall -- in popularity as "Pokemon Go." But the game remains profitable, and people are still playing even if they aren't the same masses that roamed parks last summer with eyes glued to smartphones, looking for elusive virtual monsters to appear right in front of them. "It kind of brings people together to have a conversation about these little cartoon characters that we're all in love with," said Brian Swain, a sales representative for Rockstar energy drink who has stuck with "Pokemon Go" since it launched last July. While past its heyday last summer, when some small businesses and landmarks had complained of disruptive crowds, the game has seen renewed interest after last month's addition of 80 Pokemon and in-game events set around holidays like Halloween and soon, Easter. The updates addressed complaints about a lack of updates that contributed to a drop in monthly active users, according to app market analyst Apptopia.

AI: Doomsday or heyday? (via Passle)


As two of the world's most well-known business leaders lock horns on the topic of AI, the technology continues to evolve at a staggeringly unabated pace. Yesterday, Google's DeepMind announced it had created an AI with'imagination', making further advancements towards replicating the complex human functionalities which make us so individual. Over the years, advancements in technology have always caused concern, outcry and resistance. In 50 years' time we'll either be looking back at Musk and Zuckerberg's passive aggressive exchange of words from a post-apocalyptic world that's been savaged by robots, or one where we're reaping the many rewards that AI advancements have enabled.