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Artificial Intelligence Tools That Will Transform Your B2B Marketing Operations


When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), do you imagine Will Smith battling humanoid robots? Well, think again…did you know that AI is already being applied in the Internet, helping you go about your daily life without drawing attention to itself? Artificial intelligence simulates traditionally human processes like learning, reasoning and self-correction. Unlike traditional programs, AI-based applications don't need to be continually fed data or manually coded to make changes to their functionality and output. AI can be (and already is) immensely useful to B2B professionals in all industries.

IBM - Data Science Experience, what is it?


Data scientists are tasked with turning raw data into meaningful insight. The latest Forrester Research report states "Data scientists have been plodding through the same process for 20 years" and concluded that the current process is reaching the limits of productivity and scalability. The new generation of data scientists are looking to open source technologies for innovation. Currently, they are spending a lot time in configuring their own environments and finding themselves having to source for critical capabilities from multiple places. In a business environment, this often creates silos and makes it impossible to share work within teams.

Data breaches aren't unusual but Yahoo taking two years to discover one is, security experts say

Los Angeles Times

When Yahoo reported Thursday that hackers had breached its databases and gained access to users' emails, dates of births, encrypted passwords and security answers, cybersecurity experts weren't surprised. Cyberattacks are, after all, now par for the course, and no company is immune. But what struck them as unusual was the size of the attack -- with at least 500 million accounts affected, one of the largest in the history of cyber attacks -- and that it took Yahoo two years to discover the breach. "For a firm like Yahoo, which is a technology firm no less, you would expect that they would be able to detect and even disclose the breach a little quicker," said Rahul Telang, an expert in data breaches and cyberhacks who teaches at Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. "It was surprising that Yahoo didn't know about it until the user data hit the black market."

WhatsApp: Security experts warn that Facebook's chat app can be insecure, despite Amnesty recommendation

The Independent - Tech

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most secure chat platforms, according to Amnesty International. But that decision has already met with scepticism from people in the technology community, some of whom have warned that it might not be safe to use the apps at all. Amnesty gave Facebook and WhatsApp a score of 73 out of 100 – its highest – to the two apps, which it didn't distinguish between. But it particularly picked out WhatsApp, which it said was "the only app where users are explicitly warned when end-to-end encryption is not applied to a particular chat". It did have some criticism for Facebook, which doesn't apply strong encryption by default and doesn't warn users that they're not using the most secure technology.

Tech companies want ICANN transition to happen as planned


The U.S. government's plan to end its oversight of the internet's domain name system should move forward as promised, despite last-minute efforts by some Republican lawmakers to derail the process, a coalition of tech companies and trade groups said. The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) should end its supervision of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on Oct. 1 as planned, said a letter signed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon and more than 20 other companies and trade groups. Some Republican lawmakers, including Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, are trying to halt the transition. Cruz, who has scheduled a Wednesday hearing on the transition, has said the proposal will "give away the Internet" to a multinational organization, even though ICANN's authority is limited to managing the domain name system. If the plan goes through, "countries like Russia, China, and Iran could be able to censor speech on the internet," Cruz said recently.