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4 ways Android P's gesture navigation is better than the iPhone X's (and 4 ways it's not)


As expected, Google today introduced a new way to navigate Android with gestures instead of virtual buttons, and it's sure to spur opinions among both Android and iOS users. But while it might seem like a blatant rip-off of Apple's iPhone X navigation, Google's method--which is says it's been working on since before the iPhone X landed--differs from Apple's in meaningful ways. The early beta suggests that the experience will actually improve on Android's speed and intuition. Here are four reasons why we're looking forward to it on the Pixel and other Android P phones, and four reasons why we're not: The biggest difference between the gesture navigation in iOS 11 and Android P is that Google is letting you switch it on and off. Head over to the new Gestures menu in Settings and you'll find a Swipe up on Home Button toggle that will enable the new system, elongating the home button and removing the square tasks button.

Google I/O 2016 Highlights: Home, Allo, Android N And More

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Google announced a bunch of new products today at the I/O 2016 conference in Mountain View, California. Some, like Google Home and Android N, were expected while others, such as the VR standard Daydream, weren't. Here's the best of what they announced: The search company announced an always-listening virtual assistant for the home at today's Google I/O 2016. Similar to Amazon's Echo, Google Home will allow users to discover movie times, answer a question, or carry out a task using a vocal command from anywhere in the room. In addition, Google Home can control your TV, presumably if it has a Chromecast attached.

Google Pixel's Assistant AI upgraded for smart home control


At Google I/O last May, the tech giant announced its own voice-powered hub to rival Amazon's Echo: the Home, which would be powered by their AI helper, Assistant. The Siri-like software was promoted as a standard feature on the search titan's first phone, the Pixel, which came out later in fall. But Google announced a plan weeks ago to bring the hub and the help back together, promising to bring some of Home's connected device control to the company's smartphone line. Today, they started rolling out Home Control for some versions of their mobile platform, allowing users to use voice commands to fiddle with their network of connected home devices. It's a little unclear which software can access the feature: 9to5Google and AndroidPolice got it working on Pixel phones running Android 7.1.2,

First hints of the new Google Assistant appear in update to the Google app beta


The beta version of the Google app is usually the first to spill the goods on upcoming features. That's what appears to be the case in version 6.1, as we finally catch a glimpse of how the new Google Assistant may work when it comes time to take over as your new best friend. In a dig into the APK, Android Police found several code strings that reference the assistant being ready to help when summoned. It's not available now, but Google often does a lot of the pre-work before features go live. Expect to see more before the Google Assistant debuts, which should occur alongside Android Nougat.

New Yorkers get first official look at Google's Pixel 4:Tech giant promotes handset in Time Square

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Google has gone to new heights in order to promote its next-generation Pixel handset. Hanging atop the 49-story Marriott Marquis building in Time Square is an advertisement that gives the first official glimpse at a coral-colored Pixel 4. The promotion also encourages consumer to remind their Google Assistant about its hardware event, set to take place October 15th, where the phone will be unveiled. Hanging atop the Marriott Marquis building in Time Square is an ad that gives the first official glimpse of a coral-colored Pixel 4. The promotion also encourages consumer to remind their Google Assistant about its hardware event, where the phone will be unveiled The hardware event will take place in the Big Apple, where Google will reveal intricate details of its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL – which are set to take on Apple's latest iPhone 11. Rumors have also suggested that Google could announce other devices, including new Google Home Speakers and a Pixelbook 2. Google posted cropped renders of two sleek black devices to its Twitter page. The images appear to show a square module on the back of the phone.