China's e-commerce dynamo JD makes deliveries via mobile robots


China's second-biggest e-commerce company, (Alibaba is first), is testing mobile robots to make deliveries to its customers, and imagining a future with fully unmanned logistics systems. On the last day of a two-week-long shopping bonanza that recorded sales of around $13 billion, some deliveries were made using mobile robots designed by JD. It's the first time that the company has used delivery robots in the field. The bots delivered packages to multiple Beijing university campuses such as Tsinghua University and Renmin University. JD has been testing delivery robots since November last year.

Reconfigurable Path Planning for an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

AAAI Conferences

In this paper, we present a motion planning framework for a fully deployed autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle which integrates two sample-based motion planning techniques, Probabilistic Roadmaps and Rapidly Exploring Random Trees. Additionally, we incorporate dynamic reconfigurability into the framework by integrating the motion planners with the control kernel of the UAV in a novel manner with little modification to the original algorithms. The framework has been verified through simulation and in actual flight. Empirical results show that these techniques used with such a framework offer a surprisingly efficient method for dynamically reconfiguring a motion plan based on unforeseen contingencies which may arise during the execution of a plan. The framework is generic and can be used for additional platforms.

The Future of Healthcare: Robots, Drones, Automation


Healthcare is a field that is always at the edge of technology, where there is a push to make strides to help better diagnosis and patient care. There are small changes where new technologies can be adapted relatively cheaply and easily, and larger advances that can take a couple of years to find a foothold in the marketplace. When you think of technology and healthcare, you might think about your general doctor picking up more efficient and hygienic thermometers over the years. From oral thermometers to ear thermometers to the forehead wand, hygiene and ease of use has always been the new factor for each of these tools. But one like it is coming.

A Wallflower At The Robotics Orgy?


Fanuc Corporation (FANUC) (OTCPK:FANUY) just doesn't fire the imagination like the robotics companies pumping out weekly press releases about their latest highest-tech applications do. What too many robotics-are-cool, great-story, neat-concept investors are looking for in a robotics company? What might be the considerably more interesting story, if only we are willing to learn more about it. FANUC (an acronym for Fuji Automatic Numerical Controls – Fujitsu spun it off decades ago) is not in the artificial intelligence business. And at an ETF I like for the broadest exposure to the field of robotics, Robo-Stox Global Robotics and Automation (ROBO), FANUC is only the 11th largest holding, well below UAV maker AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) and Roomba vacuum cleaner marketer iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT).