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My dad's stunning response when I told him off

FOX News

A few weeks after my first child was born, I told my dad off. At the heart of my complaints was one central failure: Ever since I was a kid, he had failed to show up. My dad was an affectionate father but he just couldn't stay put. When things got ugly between him and mom (and they often did), he would suddenly pack up and disappear for a while. We might know where he was; we might not.

Regression Modeling in Practice Coursera


Multiple regression analysis is tool that allows you to expand on your research question, and conduct a more rigorous test of the association between your explanatory and response variable by adding additional quantitative and/or categorical explanatory variables to your linear regression model. In this session, you will apply and interpret a multiple regression analysis for a quantitative response variable, and will learn how to use confidence intervals to take into account error in estimating a population parameter. You will also learn how to account for nonlinear associations in a linear regression model. Finally, you will develop experience using regression diagnostic techniques to evaluate how well your multiple regression model predicts your observed response variable. Note that if you have not yet identified additional explanatory variables, you should choose at least one additional explanatory variable from your data set.

This NBA coach had an inspiring response to a question about winning championships


Gregg Popovich has five NBA Championship rings to his name, but the San Antonio Spurs head coach considers something else even more important than winning. Popovich, along with Harvard professor and civil-rights activist Dr. Cornel West, took questions about social issues from 250 high school students in San Antonio last month, per The Nation. One of those students asked if the Spurs would win a championship this year, a feat they accomplished in 2014. "Win the championship?" he said. "I don't know, but it's not a priority in my life.

Analysis of Optimization Techniques to Improve User Response Time of Web Applications and Their Implementation for MOODLE Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of seven optimization techniques grouped under three categories (hardware, back-end, and front-end) is done to study the reduction in average user response time for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle), a Learning Management System which is scripted in PHP5, runs on Apache web server and utilizes MySQL database software. Before the implementation of these techniques, performance analysis of Moodle is performed for varying number of concurrent users. The results obtained for each optimization technique are then reported in a tabular format. The maximum reduction in end user response time was achieved for hardware optimization which requires Moodle server and database to be installed on solid state disk.

New Machine Learning Software can Imitate Human Emotional Response


Disney Research engineers have developed a machine learning software that can evaluate the various and complex emotional responses of movie audiences based on their faces.The software utilizes an algorithm called factorized variational auto-encoders, or FVAEs, and was developed in coordination with researchers from Caltech and Simon Fraser University. Usually, variational auto-encoders automatically transcribe the complex images they collect into numbers and is sometimes called latent encoding or representation. But this new FVAEs from the university partners' also add metadata, that is additional information about the data itself. When it comes to understanding faces, the FAVEs breaks down each expression by assigning a number to certain features then connects that number to matching expressions at other times or different expressions occurring at the same time. For example, one number may represent a small smile, while a different number is assigned to a wider smile, and a separate number is for whatever the eyes are doing.