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Why predictive maintenance is the next big thing in manufacturing - The Data Scientist


All of these industries operate machinery, equipment, and vehicles that need periodic maintenance. These machines, equipment, and vehicles can also suffer from failures. Most companies currently operate on a maintenance schedule. In other words, they use recommendations from the manufacturer of the equipment or vehicles they use to schedule maintenance. For example, they might service a vehicle once every six months or after every 50,000 miles.

Using Technology to Improve Business Productivity - IntelligentHQ


'How to improve productivity in the workplace' is a term that's highly searched these days. And, whilst results cover answers ranging from encouraging more breaks to limiting meetings, the reality is that every workplace is different and has different requirements to ensure that everything continues running smoothly. Every employee and team is different; what might work well for one may not be any good for another. So, a wise place to start to ensure that productivity is encouraged for everybody is to ensure that the teams are given the right tools and systems available to get the job done well. Here's how every business can use technology to ensure maximum production in the workplace.

How AI Lifts Productivity in Business


Recent innovations in data storage, analysis and cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence is improving efficiency and performance in businesses. As per Research and Markets report, AI market is projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 52% till 2025. It helps entrepreneurs make more informed business related decisions. AI has the power to increase productivity of a business by integrating with information and communication systems, delivering intelligent machine automation, providing early warnings of potential problems and much more. Here are few ways how business owners can raise their sales and productivity using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Branch Out: Making the Most of Your Downtime on a Business Trip


When you book a room with La Quinta Inns & Suites, your next business trip won't have to be all work and no play. Take advantage of your downtime by doing something you enjoy. Our infographic will help you find the perfect way to make the most out of your time away.

Industry 4.0


Accumulates, analyzes, and generates actionable insights from relevant sensors. This helps you identify faults before they occur and decrease downtime with predictive maintenance. ADAPT was conceived after detailed interactions with industrialists and operators to understand the requirements for a lightweight, user-friendly solution to boost productivity. ADAPT helps your industry undergo digital transformation to ensure the right person has access to the right data and insights at the right time. All secure and Access controlled.