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Mr. Potato Head Gets 'Ugly' Makeover For A Lovely Reason

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Mr. Potato Head is getting a reverse makeover, for a good cause. Hasbro has created a "Wonky Mr. Potato Head" -- an ugly-vegetable version of the iconic toy -- to raise awareness about food waste, according to Toy News. The company partnered with U.K.-based grocery store chain Asda to auction off a single, limited-edition toy, and all proceeds will go to nonprofit FareShare, which is dedicated to redistributing surplus food to people in need. A significant contributor to food waste is the high cosmetic standard for placing produce on grocery store shelves. An estimated 6 billion pounds of "ugly" but perfectly edible fruits and vegetables are tossed every year in the U.S., for being too knotty, small or otherwise misshapen to be sold in stores.

These New Emojis Will Make You See Food Differently

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Hungry Harvest hopes its Ugly Produce! app (for iOS 10.0 or later) gets people texting and talking more about these kinds of foods so that they don't go to waste, as they too often do. They might look strange, but they're perfectly fine to eat. "We've got'perfect' fruits and veggies in our keyboards," Hungry Harvest staffer Ritesh Gupta told ThinkProgress in an interview about the app. "Why don't we yet have ones that have more personality, better express our feelings, and help bring awareness to some of the biggest issues of our time?"

6 ways climate change is threatening food security — and what we can do about it


Climate change could have a devastating impact on food security around the world. Eliminating hunger and curbing the effects of climate change are both U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which world leaders are committed to achieving by 2030. And, like many SDGs, these two pressing issues are interconnected. SEE ALSO: This company wants you to text with'ugly' fruit emoji to fight food waste Research shows that a combination of more frequent and intense climate disasters, decreases in crop yields and production, and a lack of natural resources will worsen food insecurity -- and threaten the livelihoods of millions of people. For this year's World Food Day on Oct. 16, advocates are turning their attention to the climate to help address this issue.

5 entrepreneurs who are future-proofing the global food waste problem


Most people know that global hunger is a pressing issue -- but what you may not know is that food waste is equally concerning.

Climate Change And Food Waste: First Global Standard To Measure Discarded Food Aims To Keep Calories Out Of The Trash

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Shipping fresh milk across Pakistan's hot desert terrain can often result in soured supplies. But global food giant Nestlé Corp. reckons it has found a way to reduce the amount that spoils as the liquid travels from farm to shelf in that country, where the company works with more than 100,000 farmers. Nestlé collected data on why, where and how much milk was lost in the dairy supply chain. It also adopted straightforward fixes, such as installing refrigerated tanks in villages and using cooling systems during transportation. The result: The Swiss manufacturer found its milk wastage was just 1.4 percent, compared with a national average of over 15 percent.