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AI is learning how to trump purveyors of 'fake news'


Remember that video US president Donald Trump tweeted in which he wrestled someone to the ground and started punching them? It was genuine footage of Trump from a popular wrestling show but he had the image doctored to replace the victim's head with the CNN logo and added the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN, just in case we didn't get the memo that he really dislikes the news network. But are these news networks as biased as he thinks? Do Fox News journalists say mostly nice things while those at CNN are busy portraying him in a negative light? Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of sentiment analysis and stance detection can tell us what is really happening.

How to Transform your Google Spreadsheet Into an Opinion Mining Tool


This blog was originally featured on, a Text Analysis blog with tutorials, Data Visualisations and industry discussions. Our founder, Parsa Ghaffari, gave a talk recently on Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis at the Science Gallery in Dublin. As part of the talk, he put together a nice little example of how you can transform your Google Spreadsheet into a powerful Text Analysis and Data Mining tool. In this case, he took a simple example of analyzing restaurant reviews from a popular review site but the same could be done for hotels, products, service offerings and so on. He wanted to show how easy it can be for data geeks and even the less technical marketers among us, to start analyzing text and gathering business insight from the reams of textual data online today.

25 interesting European AI start-ups to watch in 2017


Europe is a hotbed of AI innovation. Here are 25 AI start-ups to watch out for in 2017 and beyond. There are literally hundreds of promising companies pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Europe. We've included a number of Israel-based start-ups because they too fall into the sphere of influence of European investors. And, judging by recent acquisitions of Israel-based machine vision and AI companies by players like Apple and Intel, they are definitely producing the goods.

Ireland's AI revolution: Minister Pat Breen hosts Digital 9 EU conference


Leaders from nine of the EU's top digital economies were welcomed to Dublin's Digital Hub by Minister Pat Breen, TD, to discuss the potential of AI technology. Minster of State for Trade, Employment, Business and EU Digital Single Market Pat Breen, TD, today (15 May) welcomed a number of EU ministers at the Digital Hub's Digital Depot for the Digital 9 (D9) EU conference, which brings together nine of the top EU countries as ranked by the Digital Economy and Social Index (DESI) to discuss the issues of forward-thinking tech economies. The event was a joint effort of the Irish Government's business development departments, the IDA and Enterprise Ireland. These D9 representatives meet regularly. They have convened in Stockholm, Brussels and now Dublin, and will convene again in Estonia next year.

10 European data science start-ups to watch


Europe has a fascinating array of data science companies transforming the world of business. Here are the ones to watch. When it comes to areas such as data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and other avenues of deep tech, Europe is killing it. Last November at Slush in Helsinki, Tom Wehmeier, partner and research director at venture capital firm Atomico, revealed how European start-ups are now producing more software engineers than their US counterparts, with 5.5m compared with 4.4m in the US. He noted that European tech firms such as Zalando and Spotify are absorbing the battle for talent by building their companies in a distributed way across Europe.