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Significance of Artificial Intelligence for the disabled


For a long time, technology has been creating opportunities for people with impairments, from automated scooters to cochlear implants. AI will begin to boost such efforts in the upcoming years with new powers and wider access. There is a huge and vast market to tap into -- with over a billion people living with impairments throughout the world. A designer's urge to support his blind friend write more comprehensibly inspired one of the first typewriters. Alexander Graham Bell's had a deaf parent, and it was through his work with the deaf community that the telephone was born.

Role of AI for disabled persons


Artificial Intelligence has enabled us to perform our daily jobs in new and more efficient ways. AI can assist people with disabilities by significantly improving their ability to get around and participate in daily activities by automating the process that would typically need human intellect, such as speech recognition and several other functions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the lives of individuals with disabilities by facilitating the development of interactive technologies that promote accessibility and flexibility. For persons with impairments, AI-assisted voice-assist devices like Google Home, Alexa have opened new possibilities of accessibility. Because Artificial Intelligence is so important in communication and engagement, it makes it much easier for persons with disabilities to access information simply by speaking to their devices.



Artificial Intelligence (AI), a revolutionize technique with the help of which, it is possible to create intelligent machines which can behave, think, and even make decisions just like a human. In short, it is concerned with the design of intelligence in artificial, particularly a computer, a computer-aided robot, or software which think intelligently. A Leap in the essence of the Artificial Intelligence lead to the formation of accelerated world-changing technologies that can work in the domain to impact the future of all the entities around, preferably for the upgradation of humanity. AI is a dynamic tool, efficient in multitasking used across industries for better decision making, optimizing efficiency and getting rid of repetitive work. In today's world, Artificial Intelligence plays an undeniable important part in the real world including different areas such as automobile, agriculture, social media, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Surveillance, Finance, Robotics, Space Exploration, Healthcare etc. AI proved to be a breakthrough in Health sector for differently-abled people by making it easier to create interactive tools that support physical accessibility and independence.

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Artificial Intelligence is the technical story of 2010 decade. Over the past decade, machines that are indeed considered "intelligent" – capable of thinking, learning and performing like humans – have begun to become a reality outside of science fiction. Get to know More About: What is Artificial Intelligence? And what are the Examples of AI? As we started the new decade, advanced technology is changing at a rapid speed.

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The education sector is constantly changing after the involvement of advanced technologies Artificial intelligence and machine learning together. A report informs that by 2021, the application of AI in education and learning will increase by 47.5%. Artificial Intelligence in education is helping in processing the tedious challenges. As these days content is are becoming more accessible through smart devices, AI is a perfect way to change the way people learn educational materials. AI is changing the scenario of the education sector while evaluating the data-driven approaches.