That's sick! Humans can identify infected peers from a photo

The Japan Times

PARIS โ€“ Human beings can spot a sick person in a photo a mere two hours after he or she was infected by a germ, researchers said Wednesday.

Even if you don't know you're sick yet, your face will give you away

Los Angeles Times

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but humans can judge whether another person is sick by looking at a photo for just a few seconds.

Humans can spot small signs of sickness at a glance, research suggests


Coughing, sneezing and clutching the stomach might be obvious signs of sickness, but humans can also spot if someone is healthy simply from a glance at their face, new research suggests.

Could AI One Day Detect the Flu...Before You Even Feel Sick?


It's flu season, and many of us find ourselves glancing nervously at anyone coughing or sniffling in our vicinity. But how, besides shielding ourselves from public sneezers, do we avoid coming into contact with infections?