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Legal Tech Hackathon Toronto - Splash


Background: North of together with Dentons, Neesons and the Conflict Resolution Place are hosting a legal-tech hackathon in downtown Toronto. We have partnered with IBM and other tech providers to bring together individuals from a technology background with stakeholders from the legal profession. Participants will form teams to develop a software solution over a 2 day period. Prizes totaling over $10,000 will be awarded to the winning teams. Format: Teams of participants will select a software-based challenge related to the legal industry to solve over a 48-hour period.

Australian Legal Tech Association Launch Demo Day Wrap-Up


It was always going to be a momentous week for legal technology with the world's largest Global Legal Hackathon taking place in over 40 cities. But for the Aussies, it was a double whammy with ALTA's inaugural event and the launch of its Demo Day series, showcasing some of Australia's best legal technology start-ups all on one stage, in very lawyer-like six minute-long demonstrations. Hosted by Macquarie Bank at their Melbourne and Sydney headquarters and also supported by industry heavyweights Janders Dean and Elevate Services, the dual city tour was attended by a diverse variety of industry stakeholders including in-house legal departments, government, law societies, academics, multi-nationals and'techies', whilst Big Law right through to NewLaw and even'tiny' law were all well represented. What emerged from the two days was the incredible depth of our home-grown talent with many commenting on the impressive diversity; the companies showing off everything from data-driven tools for in-house teams to even an AI powered'law firm without lawyers'; but most importantly, a true sense of community was born. The ideas, conversations and relationships that transpired during the coffee breaks, in the conference rooms, and that continued out the doors well after the final demo will have a lasting effect.



You asked it for (did you really?) so here it is; a list of the hackathons in Melbourne. As I've said before, there's so many of these things happening so it's almost impossible to cover all the Aussie ones, so here's the ones in the awesome city of Melbourne. If I've missed some important piece of info, or you want to advertise your hackathon, just get in touch – easy as that! Running across the world this is your chance to hack out LegalTech ideas with students, business people, law professionals, and like minded individuals to change the legal landscape. You know what it is!



UN Habitat in partnership with BitHub Africa are announcing a two-day Hackathon event which aims to increase youth participation in decision making processes and achieving transparency and accountability the local county government level. The Hackathon is scheduled to happen on October 6th and 7th 2017. Local Entrepreneurs, Developers and Designers will help find new ways that ICT solutions can be adopted and used by local county government in partnership with UN Habitat to increase transparency, accountability and collaboration. Participants are encouraged to utilize Blockchain, AI, IOT and Social Media digital tools. All applications will be accepted from 26 September to 4th October, 2017.

And The Winner Is...Champion Hackathon Chatbots - Growth Tech News


The idea of chatbots has been around since the mid 1960s. ELIZA was the first of its kind, created in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Since then, though, there has been a proliferation of chatbots. When they first began to become more widespread and available to the general public, in the late 1990s, they mainly served in customer service roles. It is for this reason that chatbot hackathons have grown in popularity.