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Many government entities, large corporate houses and residential housing complexes have long term contract with maintenance companies for the maintenance of properties across areas like housing, schools, and commercial buildings in serving different regions.

Procurement Leaders: Hit the Refresh Button in 2020 at SIG's Procurement Technology Summit


They say April showers bring May flowers, but I wanted to let you know 2020 will be different. This April 20 to 22 in Championsgate, Florida, SIG's Procurement Technology Summit will bring you an event you've never seen before that will pay dividends throughout the year (not just May). SIG is committed to staying at the forefront of all the forces impacting our industry. It was from our unique sightline into sourcing we recognized that procurement technologies advance so quickly that many people simply aren't able to stay in the know. Awash in information, many of us are uncertain which digital technologies deliver and which are hype.

Procurement Analyst at University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut 06269


The University of Connecticut's Procurement Services invites applications for the position of Procurement Analyst (UCP 8). Reporting to the Associate Director of Procurement Services and within the strategic objectives set-forth by the University, the Procurement Analyst will serve as a liaison in support of the campus community's research and information technology procurement needs.

The Unstoppable 'Amazonification' of Sourcing and Procurement


"How do we bring the'Amazon effect' into our organization?" Amazon is changing how consumers view the world; procurement professionals cannot afford to ignore consumers' perceptions of how simple business-to-business (B2B) interactions should now be. In our Procurement As-a-Service Blueprint, we use the term'Amazon-effect' to describe a move to simple, seamless, digital buying experiences, with procurement becoming more user-focused, driven by more technology and changed user expectations. 'Amazonification' is one of the five driving forces in the transformation of procurement: 'Amazonification' driven by the "Triple-A Trifecta" of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics Cloud-based platforms Partnership ecosystems Sourcing and category management talent Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies (DLT) 'Amazonification' driven by the "Triple-A Trifecta" of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics Amazon has created a de-facto standard for purchasing experiences: simple, easy and accommodating to the user. Many people wonder why buying at work should be so different from buying as a consumer.

Cognitive gives procurement the respect it deserves - IBM SAP Consulting Services Blog


Early in 2017, when IBM announced a partnership with SAP Ariba to build the future of procurement, it was an exciting moment for all involved. In addition to marking the latest chapter in a partnership stretching back more than 40 years, it also represented a new opportunity to drive tremendous value for our clients. By working with a strong partner that has a wide portfolio of procurement solutions, we aimed to redefine what's possible in procurement. And help our customers accomplish more than they possibly could have before. At IBM, we believe that procurement should play a leading role in shaping overall corporate strategy.