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AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist Inventor - AI Thinking, Think Chain Innovator - AIOT, XAI, Autonomous Cars, IIOT Founder Fisheyebox Spatial Computing Savant, Transformative Leader, Industry X.0 Practitioner What is the next big thing in #AI innovation? It is what dubbed as Real Superintelligence (RSI) Platform as the CyberEngine of the Metaverse. Today's AI is the statistic ML & DL & ANNs, involving big data, statistic learning theory, optimization, data science and analytics, automated software, GPUs. After 70-years trials and errors with symbolic, statistic, narrow, general and supreme AI, there emerges a real, true, genuine AI as Machine Intelligence and Learning (MIL), or Man-Machine Superintelligence. Man-Machine MetaIntelligence Human Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning Data Analytics ML [DNNs DL ML] AI [NAI AGI ASI] DA MIL Global AI Real AI Real Man-Machine Superintelligence The RSI will allow computers to effectively and sustainably interact with the world taking in all of the world's information to solve any possible problems and come up with any possible solutions.

The Need of A Real-World Artificial Intelligence in The Pandemic Era


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of artificial intelligence across the globe. Organizations are using artificial intelligence to increase the productivity of remote workers, enhance the virtual shopping experience, drive the digital transformation process and speed up the development of important drugs to end this on-going pandemic. Real artificial intelligence is creating value by making humans more efficient, not redundant. Specialization: Narrow AI, Specialists, Scientists, Learned Ignoramus, which divides, specializes, and thinks in special categories. Interdisciplinarity is about the interactions between specialised fields and cooperation among special disciplines to solve a specific problem.

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AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist Inventor - AI Thinking, Think Chain Innovator - AIOT, XAI, Autonomous Cars, IIOT Founder Fisheyebox Spatial Computing Savant, Transformative Leader, Industry X.0 Practitioner It is not software or data, but the Trans-AI will eat the world. While the Real-World #AI implies the Transdisciplinary Science, Engineering and Technology. We have innovated a Trans-AI model integrating narrow and weak AI models with statistic ML/DL algorithms. The Trans-AI General Purpose Technology is to enable a new, smart and sustainable Trans-AI World marked by a cybernetic synergy between humans and genuinely intelligent computers and AI systems. We create a huge universe of data, a data hyperreality, which denizens are: Statistics, facts, recordings, Observations, Web data, Bigdata, Data sets, Data points, Time series, Structured or unstructured data, Images, Graphs, charts, plots, charts, Statistic graphics, Tables, database Data items, Game positions, Computer programs, Mathematical functions, Text, data documents, Coded data, software, information, and knowledge.

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What is the state of the art in #ArtificialIntelligence? The state of the art in Artificial Intelligence (SOTA AI) follows the reduction rule, SOTA AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning Narrow/Weak AI The SOTA AI, as specific ML/DL models, #algorithms, techniques and technologies, it is what makes today's commercially prevalent weak AI. The SOTA AI is still after building machines and software agents somehow mimicking human-like cognition and #intelligence (sense (perceiving), analysis, reasoning, understanding and response) by means of statistic learning techniques. Most present AI companies, are about some advanced data analytics, predictive modeling, or computational neural networks based on mathematics and algorithms, as some specific ML/DL techniques, algorithms, models or applications. They are outperforming humans in some very narrowly defined task, focusing on imitating, simulating some single cognitive ability, skill or competence.

AI is from Venus, Machine Learning is from Mars


The rise of cloud computing brings with it the promise of infinite computing power. The rise of Big Data brings with it the possibility of ingesting all the world's log files. The combination of the two has sparked widespread interest in data science as truly the "one ring to rule them all." When we speculate about such a future, we tend to use two phrases to describe this new kind of analytics--artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Most people use them interchangeably.