However, he emphasised that areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence still provided big opportunities for start-up growth. Mojtaba Arvin is a computer programmer who's fascinated by artificial intelligence . Right now, he spends his time as an information technology student .

Artificial Intelligence: A Summary of Strength and Architecture


Hitherto the present, there has been a post floating around the internet detailing multiple "types" of artificial intelligence, purportedly written by someone named "Yuli Ban". If you see this post, know that it wasn't written by me at all, absolutely not, I take no responsibility for the cringy contents of that post, and you are likely remembering something that never existed or perhaps was written by my evil twin, Tali. In all seriousness, I've been meaning to update that post for a while now thanks to some greater understanding of how AI works. I recall mentioning how it was a smorgasbord of buzzwords without much meaning, written by someone in 2016 with no experience in AI whatsoever. This one, I hope, provides greater usefulness. Artificial intelligence has a problem: no one can precisely tell you what it is supposed to be.

Artificial Intelligence Research at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

AI Magazine

The primary goal of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is to understand how computers can be made to exhibit intelligence. Two corollary goals are to make computers more useful and to understand certain aspects of human intelligence. Current research includes work on computer robotics and vision, expert systems, learning and commonsense reasoning, natural language understanding, and computer architecture.

How 'Artificial' Is Artificial Intelligence?


Will smart robots take all our jobs by 2020? That's highly unlikely, but some controversial figures like Elon Musk seem to wax philosophical on this topic. One area of concern is so-called Artificial Intelligence, which is actually a software discipline with decades of work under its belt. Where does AI stand today, and what does it all mean for you? Check out this episode of #InsideAnalysis to find out!

The Buyer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence Software For Sales


When you adopt predictive, you're asking your sales team to buy into a new, AI-driven approach to their jobs. So the more you can choose a product that's sticky -- meaning it integrates smoothly into existing workflows using data they already trust -- the more immediate value you can derive from your investment. Assess your vendor's list of integrations, making sure it includes every major sales and marketing platform, uses open APIs whenever possible, and is expected to continue growing.