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AI in Business-Process Reengineering

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Business-process reengineering (BPR) is a generic term covering a variety of perspectives on how to change organizations. There are at least two distinct roles for AI in BPR. One role is as an enabling technology for reengineered processes. A second, less common but potentially important role is in tools to support the change process itself.

What is Business Process Mining (and When Do You Need It?)


You have now started the journey of automating your business processes and have started seeing the tremendous value it brings. However this is just the beginning of the journey. Business process automation while it saves you and your end users a lot of time doesn't mean that all your processes are perfect. There is always room to improve and make your employees', customers', partners' and suppliers' lives easier. This is where Business Process Improvement comes into the picture.

Learn how to optimize your business processes from a pro for just $35


TL;DR: Take a step towards becoming a business analyst with The Exclusive Business Analysis Certification Bundle for $34.99, a 97% savings as of Aug 1. One of the reasons it's so difficult to explain what a business analyst does is because they do so much. These professionals wear many hats and their everyday tasks and daily activities are constantly changing. On any given day, their responsibilities range from analyzing business needs and defining business cases to project management and budgeting. These workers help boost business efficiency and improve processes, products, services, and software.

A closer look at accelerating digital process automation -- FCW


Digital transformation remains a top priority for federal agencies. As many are learning, achieving this digital state requires significant work to reengineer the existing enterprise. At its most fundamental level, it means agencies must find ways to digitize business processes and service delivery to enable more intelligent, adaptive and efficient operations. Given the criticality and complexity of the work, we at Accenture Federal Services wanted to assess current digital process maturity and the progress the federal government has made to date. We conducted a survey of 200 government executives at both defense and civilian agencies, and it revealed valuable insights into the scope of the challenges agencies face in digitizing their operations and into the emerging best practices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AI automate complex business processes and transactions


Dynamics 365 and AI are at the center of Microsoft's complex business contracts and transactions worldwide. They automate business processes and accommodate customized workflow management for all their globally distributed business units. Moving Microsoft contracts and transactions through a structured process helps them coordinate people and work efficiently.