Lenovo bounces back in Brazil


Lenovo has started to show an improvement in its Brazilian business after some years of hardship in the country. The company has posted 1,3 percent growth in net profit, reaching R$1,5 billion ($480 million). Administrative and commercial spending has decreased by 41,4 percent to R$242,8 million ($77,7 million), while other expenses shrunk by 75,2 percent to R$93,7 million ($29,9 million). The problem comes down to industry commoditization. Back in 2012, the firm tried to increase its footprint in the Brazilian market by buying local manufacturer CCE, but sold the company back to its original owners in 2015.

Lenovo Teases Folding Screens

Popular Science

Sadly, these are still just prototypes. But, Lenovo did showcase not one but two designs for bendable screens today at the company's keynote address. In a spot that was far too short, Lenovo put cameras on a bendable smartphone design that wraps around the wrist for storage. Immediately after, they demonstrated a mid-sized tablet whose screen folded in half to make it the size of a large-ish smartphone. Neither device got any additional explanation, save for the fact that they were still in development and not available to the public.

Lenovo ThinkPad P52, now with up to 128GB of RAM


Lenovo impending ThinkPad P52 update feels like a celebration of excess. See also: iOS 12 beta: Should you run it? Is it faster than iOS 11? Will it break your iPhone? How much will all this awesomeness cost? Lenovo hasn't yet unveiled the price, but I'm guessing that if you need to ask the price, this isn't the laptop for you.

Motorola RAZR 2018 Confirmed? Lenovo CEO Hints At Revival

International Business Times

While most companies, like Samsung, are focused on showcasing new high-tier handsets at this year's Mobile World Congress, some phone makers prefer to bring back famous cellphones from the past. This is what HMD Global did by reviving the Nokia 8110 banana phone early this week. Interestingly, Lenovo could follow this strategy by re-releasing the Motorola RAZR.

Amazon is having a great sale on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops today


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