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Lenovo ThinkPad P52, now with up to 128GB of RAM


Lenovo impending ThinkPad P52 update feels like a celebration of excess. See also: iOS 12 beta: Should you run it? Is it faster than iOS 11? Will it break your iPhone? How much will all this awesomeness cost? Lenovo hasn't yet unveiled the price, but I'm guessing that if you need to ask the price, this isn't the laptop for you.

Amazon is having a great sale on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops today


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Google details Lenovo, Yi's VR180 cameras for spring launch


CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. Google and partners on Tuesday announced a new set of VR180 cameras that can capture three-dimensional photos and videos in wide angle, ultra HD 4K resolution, to be viewed on VR headsets like Daydream. The Lenovo Mirage camera and Yi Technology's Horizon VR180 camera will hit stores this spring, and a camera from LG will be announced later this year. Lenovo's Mirage camera uses dual-13 megapixel fisheyes cameras and 180- by 180-degree field of view to capture stereoscopic photos and video.

Lenovo's robust lineup of new devices sets the stage for 2018


Those are just a few of the products Lenovo launched here at CES 2018, and the year's only just beginning. We spoke with the company's director of worldwide consumer-product marketing, Wahid Razali, about the most intriguing of Lenovo's new devices and tried to get a hint at what's coming next. See for yourself what we learned in video above.

Lenovo upgrades the Yoga C730 with a beautiful AMOLED display


For people who prefer top-of-the line TVs, Lenovo's 4K AMOLED upgrade to its Yoga C730 laptop should encourage you to take notice--this should be one high-quality multimedia 360-degree convertible PC. Lenovo's Yoga C730 with AMOLED should be one of the new products that attracts passersby to Lenovo's booth at CES 2019 here in Las Vegas. AMOLED displays are known for deeper, inky blacks, where the light output is actually restricted to make dark scenes look, well, dark. Pairing that luscious 15.6-inch display with the C730's integrated JBL speakers and Dolby Atmos audio makes for a laptop with visual as well as audio pop. This illustration helps show off the visual advantages of OLED: with a conventional LED screen, even dark areas radiate light.