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Rakuten Kobo Clara HD E-Reader review: Superior to the Kindle Paperwhite, except for one thing


Rakuten Kobo's Clara HD e-reader ($130 from Rakuten Kobo) costs $10 less than its main competitor, the ad-free version of the Kindle Paperwhite (reviewed here and available, of course, from Amazon). The casual observer could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other, as they share similar dimensions and the same display size. But Kobo's done something with the Clara HD that Amazon hasn't bothered to do with its Kindle Paperwhite in some time: innovate. Boasting a number of needful features that the current generation Paperwhite can't match, the Clara HD is a superior device in almost every way. Whether you should buy it--or dump your Kindle Paperwhite for it--is a more complex question that we'll wrestle with as you keep reading.

Deputy body-camera footage shows initial response to San Jose mass shooting

Los Angeles Times

Body-camera video from a Santa Clara County sheriff's deputy shows the first law enforcement team that entered a San Jose light rail yard to locate the gunman who took the lives of nine people last Wednesday. The footage, released Tuesday evening by the sheriff's office, follows a team that consisted of a sheriff's sergeant, a deputy and three San Jose police officers, Lt. Aaron Simonson said during a media briefing. Deputies were dispatched to the Valley Transportation Authority's rail yard at 6:35 a.m., a minute after the first 911 call came in. The yard is located in a cluster of public buildings, including the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department. At 6:38 a.m., deputies heard shots fired, and officials formed a team to find the gunman.

The Boox Poke 3 is my new favorite e-reader – TechCrunch


There are plenty of e-readers to choose from out there, but never enough for me. I'm always questing for the one that will make me forget that there are others available, and in the Onyx Boox Poke 3, I think I have found it -- at least for now. The Chinese e-paper device maker has nailed the size, the screen, and added a sprinkle of versatility that I didn't know I was lacking. The Poke 3 fits in the same "original flavor e-reader" category as the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Clara HD: 6 inches, 300 PPI or so (which makes for very clear text) and somewhere between $100 and $200. These readers fit easily in a pocket, unlike the larger Oasis and even larger Forma; they tend to lack anything but a power button and are very focused on books and saved articles. Kobo's new entry-level Clara HD e-reader has a crisp, color-adjustable display But the Kindle and Clara both have major flaws.

Column: California already has strong gun laws. But to save lives we have to use them

Los Angeles Times

If we really want to reduce mass shootings -- all gun violence -- we've got to become snitches on our co-workers, family members and maybe exes. When they're acting scary -- threatening people, talking about wanting to kill, beating up someone -- we've got to rat them out to law enforcement. Cops can investigate and find out whether they're gun owners. A judge can order that their weapons be temporarily seized pending a court hearing. If they're deemed a danger to themselves or others, their guns then can be confiscated for up to a year or more.

Small plane crashes near Big Bear airport with 2 onboard

Los Angeles Times

A single-engine plane carrying two people crashed near the Big Bear City Airport, then caught on fire Tuesday afternoon, authorities said. The pilot of the small Piper PA-28 was trying to land just before 1:30 p.m., according to preliminary information released by the Federal Aviation Administration. It wasn't immediately clear how severely the people onboard were injured. KNBC-TV Channel 4 reported the plane's occupants were taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Additional details were not immediately available.