One extra treat from Apple's developer event is apparently the debut of its new original TV show. Launching tonight at midnight ET on Apple Music, Planet of the Apps will follow developers as they first present ideas to a celebrity panel of advisors, then develop the idea and prepare a pitch for investors from Lightspeed Venture Partners. The Shark Tank/The Voice-style celebrity panel will consist of Gary Vaynerchuck,, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. The series full 10 episode run will be exclusive to Apple Music, but Reuters reports that the first episode will be available for free via iTunes and the show's website.

A bot disguised as a human software developer fixes bugs


"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," wrote Benjamin Franklin in 1789. Had he lived in the modern era, Franklin may well have added "software bugs" to his list. Modern computer programs are so complex that bugs inevitably crop up during the development process. That's why finding them and writing patches to fix them is an ordinary part of any software development schedule. Indeed, there are companies such as Travis that offer this service to developers.

Santa's 7 Gifts For Software Developers


How The'Silly' Irish Founders At Intercom Built One Of Silicon Valley's Fastest-Growing Businesses Residing in the North Pole as he does, Santa fails to enjoy the benefits of gigabyte broadband or ubiquitous WiFi connectivity as we know them in more southerly climes. Infrequently connected as he is then, this guide to gifting for software developers, programmers and all classifications of software engineers should hopefully prove useful. Have you ever noticed how they like to work with headphones on in the corner to block out the world while they get down to creating real functionality out of code so that your applications can actually work? The trouble is, these pesky people called customers and users keep interrupting with what they call'requirements'. Couldn't we just get to a stage with Artificial Intelligence and neural networked machine learning where we can just automate-out the humans so that software engineers can get on with developing?

Software Developers Fear That A.I. Will Soon Replace Them


Since its inception in the 19th century, Artificial Intelligence is a growing topic of conversation in both science fiction and intellectual debate. To Cut a long story short, AI turns out to be the most disruptive and pervasive technologies of the current digital revolution. Right from automobiles to health care, home automation, aerospace engineering, material science, sports, the technology has been used very creatively, in hitherto unheard of sectors and has the potential to profoundly affect how we interact across the globe. As a result, the tech industry's interest becomes stronger than ever. According to the Oxford dictionary "The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages" In a layman's language, computer systems requiring human intelligence are now able to perform anything and everything; no wonder that many professionals look at AI as a threat.

Context Capture in Software Development Artificial Intelligence

The context of a software developer is something hard to define and capture, as it represents a complex network of elements across different dimensions that are not limited to the work developed on an IDE. We propose the definition of a software developer context model that takes into account all the dimensions that characterize the work environment of the developer. We are especially focused on what the software developer context encompasses at the project level and how it can be captured. The experimental work done so far show that useful context information can be extracted from project management tools. The extraction, analysis and availability of this context information can be used to enrich the work environment of the developer with additional knowledge to support her/his work.