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If you're an experienced data scientist looking for a job, you could not have picked a better time. As of right now, many established organizations are looking for data scientists who know their craft inside and out. However, the high demand doesn't mean that you can, or should jump through hoops and apply for senior positions without a certain skill set. When hiring experienced data scientists, companies expect them to work on the most difficult tasks at hand. These employees should have a good grasp of even the most obscure features so that they can use them when necessary. It shouldn't be surprising that when interviewing for senior positions, experienced data scientists tend to get asked much harder questions. Often, when working on a single job for a couple of years, data scientists become very skilled at performing certain repetitive tasks.

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Becoming a data scientist is considered a prestigious trait. Back in 2012, Harvard Business Review called'data scientist' the sexiest job of the 21st century, and the growing trend of roles in the industry seems to be confirming that statement. To confirm this sexiness is still ongoing, the info from Glassdoor shows being a data scientist is the second-best job in America in 2021. To get such a prestigious job, you have to go through rigorous job interviews. Data science questions asked can be very broad and complex. This is expected, considering the role of a data scientist usually incorporates so many areas.

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Do you aspire to become a Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Applied Scientist or Research Scientist at Amazon? This guide will provide you comprehensive details about the interview process and preparation tips to help you ace the data interviews at Amazon. I created to help a candidate such as yourself ace data science interviews and land your dream role at a top company. Make sure to check it out! Before we start, please note that that the exact interview experience at Amazon can vary given the role, team, and interviewer's preference. In general, the details and tips provided should be helpful with your interview prep. As you might already know, Amazon is a conglomerate of multiple businesses from e-commerce (,

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Are you aspiring to become a data scientist, but struggling to crack the interviews? Getting a break in the data science field can be difficult. Doubly so, if you're coming from a non-data science background (which in all likelihood you are). The stories you hear from other aspiring data scientists can make interviews feel more intimidating and daunting. So you better be prepared before facing the interviews. What kind of questions can be asked? How can you prepare and what are the resources you should refer to? What is the structure of a typical data science interview? How should your body language be? These are just some of the questions you'll have in mind.

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If you want to have a career in data science, knowing Python is a must. Python is the most popular programming language in data science, especially when it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence. To help you in your data science career, I've prepared the main Python concepts tested in the data science interview. Later on, I will discuss two main interview question types that cover those concepts you're required to know as a data scientist. I'll also show you several example questions and give you solutions to push you in the right direction.