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You Control This Tiny Drone Simply By Moving Your Hand

TIME - Tech

With just two taps of a button, lights began blinking, propellers started to swirl, and a tiny camera set about studying my face. All I had to do was release the miniature drone from my grip and it was instantly airborne. Such is the experience with the new DJI Spark, the company's smallest and cheapest drone yet. The $499 drone -- half the price of the company's high-end Mavic Pro -- is about the size of a soda can, making even the compact Mavic look gargantuan in comparison. But the Spark's most compelling feature is the ability to launch and pilot the drone entirely through hand gestures.

DJI officially unveils its cinematic FPV drone


As leaks suggested, DJI is releasing a cinematic first-person view drone that works with its FPV Goggles. The FPV comes with the latest version of the goggles and there's an optional one-handed motion controller. The company is calling it a hybrid drone that blends elements of cinematic FPV devices and racing drones, but it leans more toward the former category. The company is hoping to make first-person drone flying more accessible by bringing its features to a cinewhoop-style drone. The DJI Virtual Flight app should help beginners practice before they actually start flying.

GoPro updates Karma drone with much-needed 'follow me' feature


When GoPro announced it was working on a drone, pretty much everyone thought that it'd have some sort of "follow" feature. But it had the required technology all along. Finally, today, Karma is being updated to unlock that feature, along with a few other goodies. There are two new auto-path modes in today's update: Follow and Watch. The former, as you'd imagine, allows Karma to follow you, but there's a small concession: It only follows the controller, so you'll need that with you, whatever you are doing.

A Windows for Drone Flight Controllers? AirMap Steps up Funding

U.S. News

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - AirMap, which has rocketed to become the world's top air traffic management software platform for drones, is raising $26 million in new financing from the venture arms of top tech firms ranging form Microsoft to Airbus.

Skydio's latest AI powered drone is smarter, faster, and even more affordable ZDNet


Skydio on Tuesday announced its second drone, Skydio 2. The company's latest drone still uses artificial intelligence for obstacle avoidance, shoots in 4K, works with two different controllers, and now has a range of up to 3.5 kilometers. And Skydio figured out a way to price it at $999. Skydio is being upfront about limited inventory throughout the rest of the year. If you want to get a Skydio 2 this year, you'll want to place a $100 reservation today. In total, there are six 4K cameras on the Skydio 2. The cameras are used to scan and identify the drone's surroundings and use the Skydio Autonomy Engine to avoid objects without any input by the user.