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India is Taking Innovative Steps in its Use of Artificial Intelligence


In a recent event arranged by Nasscom, Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani has stated that India is on the cusp of major artificial intelligence innovations. He is confident that both the business side and the government side are well placed to apply AI uniquely. To further understand the statement, one must take a look at the latest AI-based innovative operations taking place in the education, economy, and health sector of India. With the emergence of the'Made in India' drive, 1 billion dollars of funding has been allocated to semiconductor companies using AI. The scheme is also encouraging the local chip makers of India with the assurance that the government will buy their locally made chips.

3 Industries Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt


Artificial intelligence is making its way into nearly every aspect of our lives from driverless cars to autonomous machines and various internet services. AI's ability to learn by analyzing immense amounts of data has enabled machines to work alongside, and in some cases replace, human beings. And if the current boon in investment into AI is any indication, it will soon infiltrate many more areas of our lives. Many see this is a good thing. Three areas in particular are especially in need of a shakeup that AI just might be able provide.

A Glimpse of the Future AI Changing Healthcare Experience


Numerous terminal and non-terminal illnesses have engulfed the lives of countless, on our planet. It has been centuries since the healthcare domain has spared no efforts that have consequently resulted in some phenomenal research outcomes. The incredibility of the research has enunciated humankind the certitude of some striking inventions that are destined to change the face of healthcare and medicine. One such (probably the most pronounced one too)success chapter is Artificial Intelligence, and it is believed to have innovatively redefined and transformed health and fitness before too long. Discerning the fundamental cause is the linchpin to the success in healthcare Contemplating the research studies in health and fitness, medical experts and professionals have adhered to curative stratagem.

Reaching The $2 Tn Mark: Microsoft's Top AI Projects


After Apple, Microsoft recently became the only publicly traded American company to hit the $2 trillion market cap. The company has reached the milestone just two years after it crossed the $1 trillion mark. In this article, we list major AI projects and initiatives the company undertook post-2019. In 2019, Microsoft said it would invest $1 billion in OpenAI to build artificial general intelligence. The partnership is directed at developing a hardware and software platform within Azure geared towards AGI.

Disclosure: What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence in India?


The world knows that Artificial Intelligence is creating a massive shift in the technology field as well as the lives of citizens across the world. The continuous emergence of AI models has successfully accelerated productivity and enhanced customer engagement in the cut-throat competitive market. Multiple industries and companies along with the government have started adopting AI models to provide freedom to employees from mundane tasks through automated services. India is one of the developing countries that has started allocating budgets for implementing Artificial Intelligence projects. India is set to use ground-breaking technologies for better productivity and earn revenue in the nearby future. Reputed tech companies, especially from Silicon Valley, have realized the potential of India's digital footprint and have started developing branches here.