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AI-powered virtual assistants and the future of work


A decentralized company that is globally and intelligently connected, one whose employees can work from anywhere, whose customers and partners can succeed from anywhere, and whose definition of success includes all its stakeholders, is a boundless company. A boundless company has a new operating system that includes a shift in mindset and greater adoption of emerging technologies. This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet / TechRepublic special feature, helps business leaders understand the trends and technologies that will define the workplace over the next five years. The future of work has us moving away from a physical office and tethered workflow where you are chained to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device and advancing to a much more interactive experience through every digital channel -- smart speaker, webchat, messaging, SMS, and email. Many enterprise's end-customers are digital natives, as we see younger buyers who grew up in a digital omnichannel world.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is by far one of the most praised trends in Silicon Valley. Yet, in the "real world", opinions tend to be split into two camps: those who desire AI-driven personal assistants on the one hand, and those who fear that such AI solutions will steal their jobs in the future, on the other. Nevermind that Hollywood-like scenario though – the truth is that AI is already here, reading our emails, listening to our conversations, recognizing our faces, and even smelling our breath! AI is not a shiny addition. It is a must-have for any business innovations, and e-commerce seems to be in the avant-garde.

28 Retail Marketing Predictions To Watch In 2018


New Roles "Brands that are leveraging data science today are largely forced to do the heavy lifting themselves. That will change in 2018 - we'll have tools that won't just manage analysis; they'll also prescriptively recommend and execute the best course of action based on a marketer's desired outcome. Not only will the technology actually deliver on those promises, it will also be broadly accessible to all growth-oriented ecommerce brands. Roles that are nearly entirely dedicated to operating software, for example, will start to be phased out - both in house and across the broader services industry. Marketers will be forced into - or more accurately, will finally be able to experience - roles that are increasingly strategic, creative, and above everything else: customer experience oriented."

Top 2021 Post-Pandemic Pivots for Retail Stores


Agreed, the headline is slightly presumptuous, in light of the third wave looming large and governments' globally gearing up for the same. That said, with vaccination drives going on in full swing, mask-mandates being lifted, travels resuming, and offices reopening, people are actually heaving a sigh of relief – a virus of good feeling is rippling across the cities. But, please don't take my word for it! America's leading retail brands have gone on to report that their foot traffic has rebounded earlier than expected, so much so that the numbers might exceed their 2019 sales performance. The point is consumer behavior is expected to upend big-time post-pandemic, partly because some customers might want to pursue their pre-pandemic routines, and mostly because some customers might wish to continue with new customer engagement models launched during the pandemic.

Trends In eCommerce You Need To Start Following Now - Perzonalization


Do you feel flustered with trends? Confused when a new fashion statement starts ruling the market? Do you have an online retail store but do not know what to stock; what a new trends in eCommerce in 2019 will look like? Then this post is just for you; follow the tips down below and make your decision-making process a bit easy. Are you able to showcase AI powered related products, upsell items and frequently bought together products on your online store?