Move over Furby: Japanese robot designed to love and hug lonely humans eyes launch in the U.S.

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The'Lovot' could be the one robot humans don't need to be afraid of. A fuzzy, wide-eyed companion, the Lovot was designed simply to follow its owners around, give plenty of hugs and recognize their face. Japanese startup GrooveX first unveiled the Lovot in December and is now showing off the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They say the Lovot, which gets its name by combining the words love and robot, exists to'make you truly happy.' The Lovot, which gets its name by combining the words love and robot, exists to'make you truly happy.'

Need Some Love? Here Are Robot Pets That Use AI To Mimic Emotions


Groove X Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kaname Hayashi holds a pair of Lovot robots during an unveiling event on December 18, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. You may have some competition. But a Lovot, which is the combination of "love" and "robot." This robot is a conglomeration of sensors, artificial intelligence, wheels to get around, wings that can flap, and big moving puppie-dog-like eyes, designed to respond to humans and mimic emotions. I say mimic, because these Lovots aren't real live creatures, I think.

This cuddly $6,000 robot will warm your cold, dead heart


It's a sad and lonely world out there -- but Japanese startup Groove X has a perfect solution for anyone with a huge stockpile of cash. The company's new companion robot Lovot ($6,000 for a pair) is built with one purpose in mind: making you feel less dead inside. The most surprising part: These cute little robots actually work! Watching them roll around the showroom floor at CES 2019 warmed my heart in the same way seeing an adorable puppy would have. They're undeniably lovable, and practically beg to be interacted with.

Groove X releases robot designed to show affection to humans

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The "Lovot" will mimic human emotion. You no longer need to go to another human or pet to have your dreams fulfilled. Japanese startup Groove X, founded by a SoftBank robotics alumnus, unveiled a robot specifically designed to be a companion for humans. With the help of advanced technology like touch sensors and six-layered eye display, the Lovot -- a combination of "love and robot" -- is designed to mimic human affection. "What GROOVE X have pursued with technology is not efficiency or usefulness but rather a robot that makes people truly happy by its innocent character and charming gestures that feels satisfying to cuddle," the company said in a statement.

Groove X's Lovot is a fuzzy and utterly adorable robot


Some robots are designed to build cars. Others are meant to perform surgery or help astronauts in space. The Lovot, however, has a far simpler and adorable mission in life: to make you smile. The pint-sized cutie, developed by a Japanese robotics startup called Groove X, rolls around and bumps into furniture with the grace and curiosity of a five-year old toddler. The robot will stare up at you with its big, beady eyes and flap two small, pudgy hands when it wants to be picked up and coddled like a baby.