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New Intelligent Automation Solutions Fueling Capital Markets


The pace of transformation in the capital markets is accelerating. How are firms keeping up and staying ahead? Leveraging automation and choosing the right providers is essential. Here is the guide for business leaders. FREMONT, CA: The pursuit of enhancing automation in capital markets goes way back in time.

UiPath fires hundreds of employees: is the RPA market facing a crisis?


EXCLUSIVE: UiPath has fired "just under 400 employees", according to a company spokesperson. An internal source suggests that this came as a surprise, given the fact that the leading player in the RPA market has attracted $568 million in Series D funding this year. But the insider claims that the cash burn at the company "is significantly higher than any other RPA player" and is a factor in these redundancies. In response, a UiPath spokesperson exclusively told Information Age that "while the business has grown at an incredible rate, it's natural that we evaluate our teams and internal investments from time to time. In this case, we have made the decision to trim back in areas that don't align with our current business focus. This has impacted less than 400 employees globally. But even with these changes, we have 50% more employees than on January 1 2019."

3 Trading Practices Powered by Intelligent Automation


Intelligent automation has a massive potential to streamline the complex trading process by precisely capturing the market patterns. FREMONT, CA: The capital market landscape is on the path to transformation with the emergence of new technologies. Investment firms are aiming to enhance their business and operational strategies. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), with robotic process automation (RPA), is being considered the torchbearer in this regard. In fact, the above-mentioned technologies are often collectively referred to as intelligent automation.

Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Intelligent Building Automation Technologies Market Trends, Competitive Landscape, Regulations, Restraints, Threats and Opportunities in the Near Future – Jewish Market Reports


The world isn't just battling a health pandemic yet in addition a economic one, as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) throws its long shadow over economies around the world. The whole lockdown circumstance in a few nations has legitimately or indirectly affected numerous ventures causing a move in activities like gracefully chain operations, seller tasks, product commercialization, and so forth. The Report on " Intelligent Building Automation Technologies Market" which give detailed investigation of impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the historical and present/future market information. Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies market research report provides the latest manufacturing data and business coming trends, providing you to recognize the outcomes and end-users offering Revenue growth and profitability. The Intelligent Building Automation Technologies industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the game-changing strategic analysis of the key factors driving the market.

NNAISENSE Concludes Successful Series B Investment Round


NNAISENSE has successfully concluded its Series B financing round, with a number of high-profile industrial partners having invested in its vision to integrate True AI into intelligent automation. The company, which draws on more than 25 years of expertise in AI, will apply its state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to deliver bottom-line improvement to the inspection, modelling, and control of complex industrial production processes. The lead investor in the round is Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation, whose focus is on future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative technologies, while other significant investors include Repsol Energy Ventures SA – the venture capital arm of integrated global energy company Repsol – and Schott AG, who are keen to explore the possibilities AI can deliver as part of its digitalisation program. B2B tech venture fund Alma Mundi Ventures, which was the lead investor in the Series A financing round, increased its position, while Jaan Tallinn's Metaplanet Holdings OÜ also invested further. Tallinn was a founding engineer at Skype and Kazaa and is keen to see AI put to uses that are beneficial and which align with human values.