This Chrome extension blocks the names and faces of mass shooters


In the wake of mass shootings, the family and friends of many victims have advocated for the media to withhold names and photos of shooting suspects to keep the focus on those injured and killed, and to avoid giving shooters their 15 minutes of fame. Now, a new Chrome extension called Zero Minutes of Fame aims to do just that. When a user adds the extension to the Chrome browser, the first and last name of a shooter is replaced with the text "name withheld out of respect for the victims." The extension was launched Wednesday by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which estimates that 30% of mass shootings and 22% of school shootings are "copycat" acts inspired by previous gun violence events. "We've had #ENOUGH of seeing killers' names and images plastered all over the media," said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign, in a statement.

California's key climate change program aims for new life

Los Angeles Times

In advance of a political showdown in the state Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown's administration made its first formal effort Tuesday to extend the life of the program central to California's bid to combat climate change. The California Air Resources Board, which is controlled by the governor, released a plan that would continue the state's cap-and-trade program to cut carbon emissions beyond 2020, the date when the program currently expires. Cap and trade functions by forcing companies to buy permits in order to pollute, providing a financial incentive for power plants, oil refineries, manufacturers and other businesses to reduce their emissions. Money from the program finances high-profile projects, such as the state's bullet train and electric car subsidies, alongside other efforts to cut pollution, particularly in disadvantaged communities. The new plan would provide stronger links to similar programs in Canada, better align with federal clean power standards and give the state a mechanism to meet Brown's aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets through at least 2030, according to a report from the board.

California lawmakers approve extension of climate change law

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Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, right, receives congratulations from Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, after his measure to give lawmakers more oversight over the state's efforts to combat global warming was approved by the Assembly Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016, in Sacramento, Calif. Garcia's bill, AB197, would add two legislators as non-voting members of the Air Resources Board, which enforces California's law targeting green-house gas reductions.

French parliament approves extension of state of emergency

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The measure is aimed at covering the June 10-July 10 European Championship soccer tournament and the July 2-July 24 Tour de France. It expands police powers to put people under house arrest and allows authorities to forbid the movement of people and vehicles at specific times and places.