Aston University study shows men and women's brains aren't so different after all

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The idea that men and women's brains are hardwired in different ways is nonsense, a leading scientist has said. Eminent brain expert Professor Gina Rippon said the pop-psychology theory that the sexes are as different as alien races - Men from Mars and Women from Venus - is a delusion driven by sexist prejudice. Instead, the Aston University neuroscientist believes that any differences are created by social norms. Speaking in advance of a lecture at the British Science Festival, which is due to take place in Swansea next month, Professor Rippon said: 'The latest evidence shows that we are all part of a spectrum, so dividing us into binary categories gives misleading results. 'I will be discussing new evidence that our brains and behaviour are mosaics of different characteristics and there is no such thing as a male or female brain.'

Why Did Adam Rippon Refuse To Join NBC As Winter Olympics Correspondent?

International Business Times

Figure skater Adam Rippon has turned down the offer to join NBC as a correspondent in Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the remainder of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Olympian Adam Rippon speaks out about his starvation diet


Olympian Adam Rippon has spoken candidly about his starvation diet for the same reason he publicly came out: to start a conversation.

Sally Field's son finally gets to meet crush, Adam Rippon. My heart.


More mothers should get involved in celebrity boyfriend advocacy work. Just look at what Sally Field has been able to accomplish for her son in a short amount of time. Last month, Field announced that her son, Sam Greisman, had a crush on Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. Greisman was finally able to meet Rippon at a gala dinner last night in Los Angeles. Look at the happy not-yet-probably-won't-happen couple.