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Facebook is trying to get its users to share more about their personal lives

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Facebook, like an old "friend" from high school who wants to get coffee and catch up some time, wishes it knew more about your personal life. At least, that's according to a couple of reports this week outlining a sharp decline in "original," personal posts from its users, and what Facebook is trying to do to reverse the trend. According to the Information, sharing across Facebook dropped about 5 percent year over year as of mid-2015. But that includes personal stuff such as engagement announcements, baby pictures or vacation photos as well as links to content that's already public, such as news articles. And personal sharing has dropped 21 percent year over year, the Information reported.


AAAI Conferences

The boom of mobile devices and cloud services has led to an explosion of personal photo and video data. However, due to the missing user-generated metadata such as titles or descriptions, it usually takes a user a lot of swipes to find some video on the cell phone. To solve the problem, we present an innovative idea called Visual Memory QA which allow a user not only to search but also to ask questions about her daily life captured in the personal videos. The proposed system automatically analyzes the content of personal videos without user-generated metadata, and offers a conversational interface to accept and answer questions. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first to answer personal questions discovered in personal photos or videos. The example questions are "what was the lat time we went hiking in the forest near San Francisco?"; "did we have pizza last week?"; "with whom did I have dinner in AAAI 2015?".

Is personal data the same as personal property?

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The key issue is if the definition of personal data is the same as personal property ownership? In a common law defined back in 1790 the question is whether data ca or cannot be'owned' the way property is dependent on the type of data used. There is past legal example in the Google versus perfect 10 starting in 2006 where Google was sued for copyright violation by Perfect 10 for indexing their photos posted on unauthorized websites. The case ruled partially in favour of Google being allowed to continue search listings but not to create thumbnails from the data. It remains unclear how owns data beyond just copyright violations in law.

Report: Nebraska Personal Income Falls From Previous Year

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The Pew Charitable Trust reported Wednesday that Nebraska was one of 10 states where incomes came in lower during the second quarter of 2017, compared with a year earlier. Nebraska and Alaska's personal income were 0.3 percent lower.

3 Ways to Create Personal Connections with Your Brand


Raoul Davis is a CEO Branding Expert, a Partner at Ascendant Group and the co-author of FIRESTARTERS: How Innovators, Instigators, and Initiators Can Inspire You to Ignite Your Own Life. When I strategize with CEOs to enhance their overall brands (think social media, speaking engagements and media deals), they often worry that the focus is too much on themselves. "This should be about the company." However, a CEO brand that resonates is a gateway drug for a successful corporate brand. And from there, personal brands for employees at all levels become important (but it starts at the top).