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Save $65 on a smart toothbrush that gives brushing feedback via an app


A manual toothbrush can only do so much. Upgrade your brushing routine with the Oral-B Pro 5000 smart electric toothbrush, which is on sale for $65 off, (which includes a $20 rebate.) This toothbrush does a heck of a lot more than just buzz your teeth clean. It features a pressure sensor that keeps you from brushing too hard and causing gum damage. The 3D cleaning action rotates all over to remove plaque for a floss-like clean (though you definitely should still floss).

Five Technologies that any Smart City Needs to Cater


Gone are the days when the term'Smart City' was associated with the future. Smart cities are here and are gaining momentum and growth as we speak. The growth of smart cities is directly in correlation to the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), which is profoundly impacting the services of public corporations all around the globe. The term became famous when it was coined by politicians, businesses, engineers, builders and even entrepreneurs all around the world. While there is a multitude of definitions making rounds, we try to help you understand the concept of smart cities in the simplest of ways.

The Oral-B Pro 7500 smart electric toothbrush is on sale for $57 off


No matter how often you brush teeth, you're probably still going to get the dentist lecture about how you should be brushing better. Invest in an Oral-B Pro 7500 electric toothbrush, which is currently on sale for $57 off, and make your next dental check-up go a bit smoother. The Oral-B Pro 7500 features a round brush that supposedly surrounds each tooth for a deeper clean. The 360-degree SmartRing also allows you to see toothbrushing feedback from the pressure sensor, timer, and Bluetooth connection -- plus you can even light it up with a color of your choice. The app lets you keep track of your habits and gives you tips on how to adjust your brushing tactics -- your dentist can even provide their own input on brushing tips.

Samsung's smart motorcycle windshield uses your phone to power a virtual dashboard


Samsung's brewed up a fresh idea of how to bring a smart dashboard system to the motorcycle with a new concept called the Samsung Smart Windshield. It's a kind of heads-up--eyes slightly down, really--display that allows motorcyclists to keep their hands on the handlebars and still interact with their phones. The basic idea is that you connect your smartphone (via Wi-Fi and a dedicated app) to a device embedded in your bike that includes a projector. When you're on the road, the projector takes information from your smartphone and displays it in a semi-transparent view on the bottom of the bike's windshield. The Smart Windshield can display all kinds of content, including turn-by-turn navigation, email, messaging, and phone notifications.

Key Applications of the Smart IoT to Transform Transportation


The applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) have been growing dramatically in recent a few years. The smart IoT is dramatically accelerating the pace of innovation and transforming the way of operations in transportation and infrastructure. The ubiquitous deployment of smart, connected sensors and things, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics, can enable us to gather insightful knowledge, make real-time and even predictive computing to help us reaching better decisions and developing better plans to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of smart transportation. Here we take a look at some important applications of the IoT in intelligent transportation systems and smart cities. The human factor continues to be one of the main contributing elements to road accidents.