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11 proven digital marketing strategies you're (still) not using - Marketing Land


There is no shortage of web marketing tactics and strategies that you should be using. In all my almost 20 years in the industry, there have only been a couple of times where we reached the limit of what we could do for a client. And that was before social media was a thing! Dig around enough, and you'll find some deeper-level strategies that you may not have thought about. Dig further, and you'll find some other strategies that kind of smack you in the head, leaving you wondering why you weren't already doing them.

Why Your Business Needs an Email List and How To Build One


Email marketing rocks – despite what you have heard about it. Sure, with the prevalence of social media, and different types of messaging, this traditional digital marketing format feels relatively old. However, it still remains one of the most powerful and thoroughly understood forms of communication. And that's the reason you need to have an email to create an account in almost all social media platforms. As a business owner, you can reap significant reward with email lists.

Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Isn't Working For You (And How To Fix Them)


Over the past 17 years, I have encountered countless excuses as to why companies feel that digital marketing won't work for them. All too often, companies fall into the trap of thinking that their business model is "too different" or "too unique" for internet marketing. In the following article, I will explain the top five reasons that digital marketing strategies fail and offer some suggestions as to how your company can avoid them. When I opened my first digital marketing company in 2001, I remember business owners explaining to me why their company didn't need a website. Fast forward 17 years later and we now know a company website is not only needed -- it's imperative.

The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing campaigns - The Marketing Folks


In the world that is constantly changing, adaptability is a key characteristic; that should be owned by a business. Technology is growing continuously, and in order to remain moving through targeted goals, businesses need to constantly upgrade their plan as well as their marketing strategies. After the internet was introduced, there was a massive change in marketing. Businesses are no longer only using a traditional way to advertise their products or services and are shifting towards a more modern way called digital marketing. The broad scope of the internet is a great opportunity for large growth especially for businesses that upgrade their digital marketing budget.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the next big thing, it is now a big thing now in digital marketing. All digital marketing operations are now affected by AI-powered tools. From startups to large firms are opting for AI-powered digital marketing tools to enhance campaign planning & decision making. AI-based tools are now a flourishing market, with a drastic change in demand. According to most of the digital marketers AI enhancing all the areas where the predictive analysis, decision making & automation efforts required.