Five rad and random ways to enjoy augmented and virtual reality

Popular Science

The Spicebox Books 4D science kit comes with 10 interactive science projects and hands-free goggles with a slot for your smartphone. The kit teaches users science with the help of augmented reality. After you download the app and place the phone into your goggles, a tiny animated scientist appears on the screen to teach you concepts from each experiment. Once the explanation is finished, you perform the experiments. The kit comes with a 30-page illustrated instruction booklet.

Google demo shows how AR can thrive on the web


Google has been hyping up augmented reality on the web, and it's easy to understand why -- it promises an immersive experience without requiring a special app. But what does that look like in practice? The company now has an easy way to find out. It recently released Chacmool, a previously seen tech demo for Chrome Canary that uses the WebXR format to bring an educational AR experience to your browser. You'll need an ARCore-compatible Android phone running Oreo in addition to Canary, but you're good to go after that.

Global Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Market Size, Regional Outlook, Application Analysis, Competitive Insights And Forecasts, 2014 – 2020


Frank n Raf's Latest market research report published on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provides detailed industry analysis and in-depth market data for the period from 2012 to 2024. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market have been broken down by major regions, with complete market estimates on the basis of products/applications on a regional basis. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality report also includes comprehensive information on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry scenario, providing major market drivers, restraints, challenges and opportunities over the forecast period. The study takes a closer look at Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality regulatory scenario, industry trends, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market growth opportunities. The report includes a comprehensive competitive landscape for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality business.