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Fight Over Mesabi Metallics Lands in Federal Court

U.S. News

Nubai Global Investment has filed a lawsuit asking a judge for a temporary restraining order against Tom Clarke as the two sides battle over ownership. Nubai says Clarke was removed from his roles with Mesabi and Chippewa Capital Partners. But, Clarke says he ousted Nubai from the companies and is now sole owner.

Sarah Ferguson Attends Gold-Themed Party In Metallic Mini Skirt

International Business Times

Sarah Ferguson has been out and about lately. On Friday, the Duchess of York was spotted at a dinner party in central London. Ferguson, 58, donned a glittering metallic mini skirt for the Le Cercle SGC Dinner, "A Golden Affair" at the Cafe Royal. Princess Eugenie's mom paired her skirt with a navy chic sleeveless vest with a beaded trim and a court shoe. The golden themed party was star-studded.

EasyJet Responds To Video Of Engineer Using 'Duct Tape' To Repair Engine

International Business Times

An airplane engineer performing maintenance on a Berlin-bound flight at Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol appeared to be applying duct tape to the engine, according to a concerned passenger on Tuesday.

Elon Musk moves 2 Tesla colors 'off menu'


Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Monday night that Tesla would "simplify manufacturing" by removing Obsidian Black Metallic and Silver Metallic from the menu of colors as of Wednesday, possibly so it can catch up on missed production deadlines and fulfill orders already placed by consumers who want to drive its new electric sedan, the Model 3. Moving 2 of 7 Tesla colors off menu on Wednesday to simplify manufacturing. Obsidian Black & Metallic Silver will still be available as special request, but at higher price. Any color beyond Solid Black already come at an additional cost, but starting Wednesday the metallic black and silver options will be moved to a "special order" status. Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment as to why the metallic colors were problematic for production, or what Musk means by "higher price," but we'll update this post if we hear back. A look at current Tesla paint options before two are moved to "special order" status.

Artificial Intelligence Designed Stronger Metallic Glass From Steel! The Science Tech


In a study published in the Science Advances, a group of researchers explained that they were able to quickly design and manufacture long-lasting metallic glass using artificial intelligence. If you mix two or more metals, you will create a new material different from the properties of these two metals. In ordinary alloys, atoms are arranged in a regular order. When we obtain a different sequence from this regular sequence of atoms, we obtain a new and strong alloy called metallic glass.