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Implement Face Detection in Less Than 3 Minutes Using Python


Face detection is one of the most common applications of Artificial Intelligence. From camera applications in smartphones to Facebook's tag suggestions, the use of face detection in applications is increasing every single day. Face detection is the ability of a computer program to identify and locate human faces in a digital image. With the increasing demand for face detection feature in applications, everyone is looking to use face detection in their application so that they are not left behind in the race. In this post, I will teach you how to build a face detection program for yourself in less than 3 minutes.

Age Detection using OpenCV in Python - Python Code


Recently, wide attention has grown in the field of computer vision, especially in face recognition, detection, and facial landmarks localization. Many significant features can be directly derived from the human face, such as age, gender, and emotions.

How to Build Real Time AI Face Detection with Python using openCV


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI is the ability of a machine to think like human, learn and perform tasks like a human. Know the future of AI, Examples of AI and who provides the course of Artificial Intelligence?