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Google Wants China. Will Chinese Users Want Google?


Google CEO Sundar Pichai was upbeat Monday when he told WIRED about internal tests of a censored search engine designed to win approval from Chinese officials. It will take more than a government nod for Google to succeed, however. That's not only because of the political tensions raised by President Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods, which analysts say make Google's expansion unlikely. China's competitive--and cooling--search market doesn't seem to offer much space for a US entrant. "Because Google has been absent for years, it has a lot of distance to make up," says Raymond Feng, director of research at Pacific Epoch in Shanghai, which tracks China's internet markets.

Microsoft's Bing blocked in China, prompting grumbling

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Microsoft's Bing search engine is now accessible in China again after experiencing a disruption in service. Attempts to access Bing had resulted in an error message for users starting late Wednesday, as the most prominent foreign search engine available in China experienced a temporary blackout. The internet outage raised fears among social media users that Bing was the latest foreign website to be blocked by censors. The website was blocked due to'an accidental technical error', according to Bloomberg, citing two anonymous sources - rather than a deliberate attempt to restrict Bing, which already complies with local censorship rules. Bing complied with Beijing's censorship rules by excluding foreign websites that are blocked by Chinese filters from search results.

The Top 10 Search Engines Today


In SEO, the focus is so often on Google. 'How do I rank higher in the Google SERPs?', or'How can I get more rich snippets on Google?' Of course, Google is one of the most popular search engines, but it's certainly not the only one. Different search engines have different audience demographics and different pros and cons, so when you're optimizing your website, you don't want to miss out on a significant share of a certain market. In this article, you will find a complete list of all top internet search engines, their pros and cons, and whether Google really is the most popular. We made a list of the top ten search engines widely used today.

China Searches For Answers To Questions About Baidu's (BIDU) Reliance On Healthcare Ads

International Business Times

The death of a student after an experimental cancer treatment he found through China's biggest search engine, Baidu, has exposed the fault lines in the company's business model, which relies heavily on income from the country's lightly regulated health sector. Before his death, student Wei Zexi, 21, criticized the military-run hospital that provided the failed treatment for misleading claims about its effectiveness and accused Baidu, which controls 80 percent of the Chinese search market, of promoting false medical information. This week, China's health ministry began an investigation into the hospital, while its internet regulator started an investigation into Baidu. The regulators have not said which, if any, rules might have been broken and did not respond to requests for comment. Analysts at Daiwa said regulators could be checking for compliance with China's Advertisements Law, which says medical sector advertising should not contain assertions about effectiveness.

China Investigates Search Engine Baidu After Student Dies Of Cancer

NPR Technology

Baidu, China's largest search engine, is under investigation after college student with a rare form of cancer said it promoted a fraudulent treatment center. Baidu, China's largest search engine, is under investigation after college student with a rare form of cancer said it promoted a fraudulent treatment center. Chinese health and Internet authorities have launched an investigation into Baidu, the country's largest search engine, following the death of a college student who accused Baidu of misleading him to a fraudulent cancer treatment.