We shouldn't need laws to tell us to drive less or take other steps to fight climate change

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Of course the heat is not a fluke. This has been coming for some time and it is time for all of us to get real about climate change. It is obvious that the positive steps that were made on a federal level are going to get tied up in ideological manipulation and childish bickering that hampers our progress.

The Latest: Merkel Calls for All to Fight Climate Change

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Merkel said in her weekly podcast on Saturday that climate change was an urgent problem, and that every country has to help limit global warming to below "2 or, even better, 1.5 degrees Celsius" -- the target set by the 2015 Paris climate accord by the end of the century.

Alarmism Is the Argument We Need to Fight Climate Change


Climate change is a uniquely difficult problem specifically because addressing it requires humans to be selflessly interested in the long term, which is neither natural nor easy. But, contrary to the belief perpetuated by a lot of the criticism of this piece, addressing climate change does not rely on people being psychologically self-possessed enough to freely give up meat and airplane rides for the greater good. There is no amount of individual good intention that can solve this massive, structural problem in enough time to have an impact. What we need is leaders who will take this problem seriously. And the right way to get there is to tell people the truth about the future and implore them to vote for and insist on a better one.

UN using Blockchain to fight climate change - let's focus on the bigger picture


Why should you care about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Because this technology is helping us fight the biggest challenge of our generation.