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More people are accessing the internet on tablets over desktops for the first time ever

Daily Mail - Science & tech

For the first time, more people are accessing the internet using tablets and mobile devices than desktop computers. New research from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has found that more than 13 million people have signed up to use the internet over the last two years. The number of people who used multiple devices to access the internet has also substantially increased. More people are accessing the internet using tablets and mobile devices than desktop computers. Seniors have increased their internet usage from 57 percent in 2015 to 63 percent.

Fox News Poll: World going to hell in a handbasket as nation comes apart at seams

FOX News

Todd Starnes reacts to a photo captured by Jay Zito depicting an American flag desecrated in a school library. Teachers claim it's for students to share their concerns about recent first amendment rights events. A large majority of American voters feels the bonds that hold the country together are weakening, while over half think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. A Fox News poll released Thursday also finds that large numbers feel more people are rude and behave badly in public in the United States today compared to the past. Some 56 percent of voters say things are "going to hell in a handbasket."

60% of Japanese eat something special for Christmas, poll finds

The Japan Times

A recent Jiji Press survey has shown that 57.4 percent of people in Japan eat something special for Christmas and that about half of such people buy take-out food. The proportion of respondents who said they have a special meal to celebrate Christmas every year came to 33.8 percent, compared with last year's 33.6 percent. Those who said they have such a meal almost every year accounted for 23.6 percent, down from 24.7 percent. Of those who eat something special, only 11.5 percent, down from 12.5 percent, said they dine out, and 47.2 percent said they buy cooked food to eat at home or somewhere else, slightly up from 40.9 percent. The proportion of those who said they have a home-made meal stood at 39.9 percent, down from 45.8 percent.

Japan census report shows surge in elderly population, many living alone

The Japan Times

The number of elderly people in Japan has increased, while the average family has shrunk in size, census data released Wednesday reveal. The number of elderly people aged 65 or older accounts for 26.7 percent of the 127.11 million total population, up 3.7 percentage points from five years ago, a summary report of the 2015 national census shows. Meanwhile, the size of the average family has continued to shrink, according to the figures. The 68-page report, conducted by the internal affairs ministry, also showed that the average number of household members fell from 2.82 in 1995 to 2.39 in 2015. Accordingly, single-person households have grown to occupy 32.5 percent of the total 51.88 million households, making it now the largest segment of the population, the report showed.

Americans are more worried about their country's future than money


There's good news: everyone around you is also reeling in pain. A new report by the American Psychological Association found that -- surprise, surprise -- Americans are freaking out about the state of their country. Whether you're a liberal worrying about immigration bans or a conservative fretting about Starbucks cups or something, you're likely to be panicked. Sixty three percent of Americans say the future of the nation is a source of "significant stress," compared to just 62 percent of people who said the same thing about money and 61 percent who are anxious about their employment. United, we panic, divided, we also panic.