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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Modern Healthcare


Artificial intelligence is slowly, but surely, showing potential in improving modern healthcare. In the UK, researchers recently used four AI algorithms that beat doctors in predicting heart attacks. Moreover, Google's DeepMind is fighting blindness with machine learning. Lately, medical science is seeing potential in the ability of AI systems to find meaning in datasets that are too complicated for us to process. This potential is perfectly applicable in modern healthcare practices.

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Technological advances and artificial intelligence (AI) are going to totally transform the way healthcare is delivered over the next five to 10 years. This is the view of Tony Young, National Clinical Director for Innovation at NHS England. But he warns that with the advent of life-changing technologies, we must not lose sight of what it means to be human. As with the arrival of the printing press 500 years ago which gave everyone access to the written word, medicine today is having its own "Gutenberg moment". Technology, such as smartphones and wearables, is giving patients access to medical knowledge and empowering them to take charge of their health and well-being.

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Sector


As we turn the corner on 2020, we find ourselves in the midst of the worst pandemic in a Century and our health care systems have been pushed to the brink of failure. To some of us it has been clear for several years that the health care system desperately needs disruption, but COVID-19 has made that easier to appreciate. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest coming disruptions in healthcare. For some AI conjures images of a malevolent super intelligence that will outperform humanity across the board. For others AI represents a confluence of machine learning algorithms and petabytes of data that allows approximations of human decision making.

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All of us have been in a hospital for one or another reason and are aware of the medical procedures that follow during initial check up and diagnosis. Sometimes it gets a lot tedious to get so many tests done before a diagnosis is made and even some of the diseases reach a stage where they become incurable before their clinical diagnosis, like cancers. To circumvent this worldwide issue of timely diagnosis and to make procedures less laborious, researchers and technologist are working together to develop doctors of future by integrating a large set of data into computers along with sophisticated algorithms to sort useful information out of it. These systems, although, are in their initial stage of development but they are already making an impact on the field of medicine. Here are some of the popular AI systems that are paving the way for future medicine.

How emerging technology is re-inventing the medical profession


Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most crucial sectors for any nation, and obviously a matter for governmental and the private sector's focus. The healthcare system is tasked to ensure that society stays healthy at a reasonable expense. The way healthcare organisations are managed impacts the professional growth and satisfaction of doctors, nurses, counsellors and other healthcare professionals. Yet healthcare is often under resourced; can innovations within the industry reduce costs and improve outcomes? Emerging technology is completely transforming the business models of hospitals and health providers, changing the work of care professionals forever.