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Going somewhere? These are the best websites for finding flights.


Once upon a time, prospective vacation-goers would journey to an IRL storefront, where a person called a "travel agent" would be waiting amid stacks of maps and dog-eared travel guides. But thanks to the internet, travel agents have been rendered largely obsolete, leaving travelers to sift through thousands of flights on their own. Or at least, it might seem that way. The truth is we're not alone, or at least not completely. Websites abound to help us amateurs parse an often overwhelming number of choices, comparing everything from prices to the ideal layover city.

Looking for cheap flights? These are the sites (and apps) you'll need to find the best deals.


It's time for your vacation, and you know what that means: Get the heck out of here! You haven't booked a flight anywhere. Or maybe you've just returned from a big trip, and need to plan a quick weekend getaway to ease the re-entry pain. These are the best websites for finding flights. Just because you've got a tight budget or are looking last minute doesn't mean you can't travel.

Hey procrastinators, here's how to score a holiday flight deal


If you've been procrastinating purchasing a ticket to visit your family these holidays or simply decide to pull a The Holiday and jet off to your dream destination last-minute, you'll need to know where the travel deals are at. As it's very late in the game, we're here to give you some guidance on where to find the best holiday flight deals. Directly checking airline sites is a great first step to take. Many airlines have special deals listed for U.S. travelers around this time of year, and some are specifically marked "Holiday Deals," which means you can plan a trip for New Year's Eve, too. Here are some of the most exciting deals we've stumbled upon: United is offering over 40 discounted holiday deals on select flights out of Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and more from $121 to $408 roundtrip.

Get your hotel rooms and flights right from Google search


Google Flights is already a great place to search when you're headed out on vacation or business trips. It uses AI to predict possible flight delays, too, and helps you find rate information on hotels and airline tickets based on peak travel times. Now some new updates will help you find and book hotels and flights right in a Google search.

Despite those viral videos, airlines are turning passenger bumping into a data-driven art

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The last time transportation expert Seth Kaplan was bumped from a flight, he walked away with $800 and a good excuse for missing the first session of a San Diego business conference. Such compensation may start sounding like chump change. In the wake of last month's United Airlines passenger-dragging scandal, the Chicago-based carrier and several other U.S airlines have promised to overbook fewer flights and offer better incentives -- up to $10,000 in cash or travel vouchers at United and Delta Air Lines -- if fliers are asked to give up their seats. Those policy changes could combine to make passenger bumping even more rare and lucrative. "People who are bumped are going to be happy," said Kaplan, managing partner of the trade publication Airline Weekly.