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Should We Expect More Podcast Advertising This Year?

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If you have an interest, chances are there's already a podcast for it. As of 2018, there are some 525, 000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes available on iTunes alone. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics including Disney vacations, living on a budget, cryptocurrency, mindfulness, fitness, fan fiction, unsolved mysteries, launching your own business and space exploration. In fact, there's probably not a topic too esoteric to find a podcast on. The public is certainly embracing this method of delivering information as four in ten people are tuning into podcasts regularly.

One Step Closer to Achieving A More Relevant Advertising


Remember the days of television where you had to watch the commercial break no matter what. Also, I can bet if the whole family was sitting in front of the TV set, the advertisement could grab the attention of maybe one person, and that's a long shot too. One might argue that was the golden age of ads, simple yet has the potential to reach a mass audience. Frankly, for that time, it was the absolute peak of advertisement. The advertisement's audience was based on the show that was placed for, if it's a football match put in Nike if it's a kids show, put a fancy cartoony cereal brand, etc. It was simple, but more importantly, it worked for them for the time being, and it was relevant.

Visions of Machine Learning at Qchain (Without the Buzzwords)


The real progress in machine learning is that, beyond quantitative and categorical data, we can now build models for images and text. These models can recognize objects and process language at the level of an average six-year-old human (yes, "human level"). Major tech companies -- many of which are in advertising too -- already leverage these models: think Facebook friend-tagging and Amazon answers. We believe there are opportunities to use these models for native advertising. More specifically, we can build image and text models to analyze the content of native ads and the content of publishers at scale, in order to find the best "fit." In addition, we want to build these models in an open and interpretable way, rather than simply using a catchy name that includes "AI." In doing so, Qchain hopes to help both advertisers and publishers meet their goals more efficiently with the right audiences -- forging a path for more authentic marketing.

5 Ways To Use Facebook To Boost Sales


Facebook Advertising can be of real value, particularly for companies and brands who sell directly to the consumer, with 2.23 billion monthly active users on the platform worldwide. The average person spends nearly two hours a day on Social Media, and so by targeting them through using a channel such as Facebook can prove to be extremely effective. But how can brands capitalise on the time spent on social media in order to boost sales? Delivering the right information to your audience at the right time can be key in how well a campaign performs. Think about when your target audience are online.

7 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips to Improve Your Campaigns


Do you want better results from your Facebook campaigns? Looking for tactics to help you get more out of your investment in Facebook ads? In this article, you'll discover seven advanced tips to improve the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Lookalike audiences are one way to create highly targeted cold audiences on Facebook. While you can create multiple types of lookalikes, one of the most effective is the event-based lookalike.